Wrath Of Kings Unboxing

With the General Unboxing out of the way it's time to move onto the specifics of the House Nasier Starter Box. Above are pictured the 12 Ashmen included in the starter box. You'll find my opinion on the models at the end of the post.

The Ashmen are based on three different body types, which are varied thanks to each body having two different weapons options (including the banner).  (Note there are only the parts needed to make 12 models with nothing left over. I do not mean to imply you'll be filling your bits box up with 12 sets of arms).

The figure comes individually bagged, so there should be no confusion of parts. Below you can see the three different body types with one weapon option a piece, loose arms, and at the top of the picture their back spikes. You can also clearly see the pegs on the feet which are used instead of Games Workshop's slot system.

The models all have a fixed posed, and as such are able to use a very robust system of shaped pegs that allow them to be assembled very easily (even without glue).

While putting the main part of the model together was a breeze the back spikes were a challenge thanks to their size. While not very clear in the picture below, both the holes and the spikes are shaped which means that they fit together in only one way, and do so very solidly.

Once together (and I'll admit that it ended up being a pliers job) the end effect is very pleasing and couldn't have been achieved by other means.

Below are the three models sen in the top picture fully assembled.

And from the back

The banner bearer is slightly different to the other Ashmen, having extra parts to make the standard.

While initially unsure about the pose of the model it has grown on me, being a nice change from the usual stance taken by banner bearers.

Here you can see all twelve models can be seen below, demonstrating the different weapon options.

And once again from the back.

And once again the models on display. They are standing in their recessed bases with the aid of blu-tac while I make a decision on how I am dealing with the issue of basing them.

I have been very impressed by the quality of the sculpts and the ease of assembly (fiddly parts aside). The one note I would make is that I've used superglue while putting together the models, as plastic glue proved to be of little use. All the poses are pleasing, although conversions might be needed if I add more Ashmen to the force.

The models have been remarkably clear of mould lines, and those that I did find have been easily cleaned. The weapons are all incredibly straight which is often not the case with some plastic kits. I'd put the models above those of Mantic and Privateer Press in terms of quality, but below Games Workshop's figures (which ever lead the field in the quality of their plastic, with their multipart kits) and Wyrd (whose models are arguably better, but are not as easy to assemble in my experience). Ultimately I have been very impressed with these models and can't wait to get some paint on them next month (and watch them get ripped apart on the battlefield).

Finally, in the interests of self promotion, if you're interested in collecting Wrath of Kings, then go take a look at the Tale of Wrath event running on the blog.


  1. I like these models a lot. The decision to make all the back spikes seperate was a good one. Because, as you mentioned, that effect would certainly not be possible otherwise. It is neat that they had a clear vision for them and followed through with it.

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  3. Somehow, I have ended up posting the same comment on here two times. So, I deleted one of them. This is the second time it has happened. Sorry for cluttering up the comment section.

    To add an addition comment about the models here, I quite like the pose on the standard bearer. Echoing your comments, it is a nice change of pace from what is typically seen.

    1. Don't worry about the comments section. If you go back far enough on the blog (and if I left them in) there were a huge number of comments about Tiffany Lamps or Jewellery. I can't remember which. I never quite figured out why.

      The Ashmen are good models, and I hope that they'll be some more releases that follow their stylistic cues.


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