Wrath Of Kings Unboxing

This post will be taking a slightly different format to my previous reviews, acting as a hub for reviewing all five Starter Boxes for Wrath of Kings.

This post will cover general unboxing, with ancillary posts covering bases and the scale of the models. You can find my post comparing the starter boxes here. I'll be adding link to specific unit review as they are posted.

 Opening the box reveals a tray containing the models and cards.

Separating it out gives a bag of stats cards, a bag of bases, and a bag of individually packaged models. 

The box includes one stat card for each type of model included in the box, showing art, stats, the unique defence chart on the front, with details of attacks and abilities on the rear. They are the same size as standard playing cards, and while they don't need marking during the game (à la Warmachine) I'll still be putting them in sleeves.

I'll be talking about the bases in a different post, which brings me to the models, each of which is individually packaged. While some models are on the sprue (like the Ashman seen on the left) others are simply loose parts (like the Pelegarth Bloodmask that can just about me made out on the right).

As I said I'll be covering the units in individual posts, but I'll leave you with another shot of all 30 models from the Nasier Starter Box.