Wrath Of Kings Unboxing
Rathor and Longhorn

And so we come to the final models in the Starter Box, the two Specialists, the Rathor and the Longhorn.

The Rathor is certainly the largest and complex model in the box, while the Longhorn is actually a deceptively easy build. I was certainly expecting it to be in more parts.

Take a close look at the Rathor's right fist. It's staff fits directly into that hole. I've not seen this before, and I'm impressed. It avoids the need for fiddly parts being glued onto the fist, and allows for much better posing than a solid joint can provide.

The Rathor was the only model in the Starter Box that required anything in the way of real alteration to fit together snuggly; with some of the large peg at the waist needing to be trimmed away so that the body fitted to it seamlessly. Other than that the models went together with almost no work, and could almost have been constructed without glue. The joints should all disappear under paint, although I may break out a little bit of liquid greenstuff to make certain of this.

Both models have some really great textures, especially on the Rathor, with the veins and bandages on the arms.

To give an idea of the size of the Rathor, here it is next to a Space Marine (as seen in the Scale Post from last week).

As with the other reviews, my opinions about the quality of the plastic etc can be found at the end of the Ashmen post.