Mordheim - It's A Hard Life Being Dead

The second set of Christmas gaming has not done my gang any favours.

After the ignominious wounding of my Vampire in the first game, I opted to keep him safer in my second game, a wiser choice as I was facing Reiklander mercenaries,with a pair of crossbowmen at BS 5, ready to pincushion anyone from afar.

 Above is possibly first or second turn. The Malifaux buildings set, provides a good setting for the game. Hopefully with a Streets set we can make something more claustrophobic and with some heigh variation, but I digress.

My Dire Wolves and vampire flanked to the right (top of the board in this photo) while my zombies provided a meat shield for my Necromancer and Degs. The wolves accounted for themselves better than they have in Warhammer, one killing a champion and surviving till the end of the game. The vampire was sadly hampered by his -1M from game 1, and fluffed a charge (with a 12" range he would have been well in). Crossbow fire proved a real bane, with the slow movement of the zombies meaning I couldn't really get to grips with anyone, or risk exposure of my dregs and necromancer. The ghouls performed badly, and even with three attacks failed to hurt anyone. With casualties mounting I chose to rout rather than lose even more of my gang. The post game phase was not kind, with a dire wolf and ghoul dying of their wounds. One of my Dregs took a crossbow bolt to the arm and would miss the next game, further hampering my warband.

The next game was to be the Reiklanders I had fought against a Skaven force. While the Reiklanders ranged firepower stood them in good stead against the ratmen, along with combat punch from their champs, it was to be a strategic rout for them after the loss of two men, in order to conserve the gang for later games. The ratmen where becoming the foe to beat.

The next game was to be vs the selfsame Skaven, which didn't fill me with pleasure. Overwhelming numbers of ratmen, mainly armed with slings meant my gang (bolstered by 2 zombies bought after the last game) was not in a fantastic position from the off. The zombies poor movement meant they suffered badly, consistently knocked down and then unable to charge. With the meat shield falling the Necromancer (who had been useless in every game so far) got put out of action by sling fire. My ghouls joined my flanking vampire and dire wolf, but failed rather spectacularly to kill opponents when they reached combat. I broke from the game with fairly grim losses, but things were only to get worse in the post game phase. 

The Necromancer was captured and sold into slavery for the princely sum of 15gc (I offered 16gc for his return annoyingly). My dreg ended up in a pitfight, and subsequently developed frenzy, which will only leave to his horrific demise out in the open at some point. Two zombies died as well, but one of my ghouls did become a hero, which should be interesting going forward. 
The final Mordheim game of the day was Marienburg mercs vs Elves. The elite bowmanship of the tiny pointy-eared warband was sadly a match for the humans who retreated before major losses could be suffered. 

This day was topped off with a game of Munchkin, providing a hppy break from pushing little men through card ruins. 

Carry on with my Undead is going to be an uphill struggle next game. With my necromancer out of the running, a dreg spoiling for a fight (WS2 - he's not going to do well), and a ghoul trying to be a man, my limping vampire has his work cut out. My henchmen currently number one ghoul, four zombies, and a dire wolf. 

The necromancer probably has to be replaced, hopefully with a better spell, which leaves little gold left in the pot to replace my losses. Ghouls run to 40gc, meaning I won't be adding those till I get a victory. Dire wolves come in at 50gc, so suffer the same problem. Zombies are a snip at 15gc, but unable to move more than 4" a turn they are spending much of a game simply trying to cover the length of the board, and hugging cover while doing so only adds to their problems.Hopefully a return to the tabletop will see some better rolls for my vampire and newly promoted ghoul, and hopefully a better result for the restless dead.

Mordheim, Puppet Wars, Cogs and Tomb Stones.

Managed to get in the first of two lots of festive gaming yesterday.

 The above is the preundercoat  shot of the warband. They're now covered in ubiquitous black, apart from the one unbased Dreg down front, who is to be used for other purposes.

My undead gang lost to a Skaven band, with every rat apparently wielding a sling, which was fairly unpleasant. My vampire was taken out the game after a bad combat, and the Skaven's numbers and the slow speed of zombies meant it was all over when I routed, having lost two dire wolves, the vampire and a ghoul. Luckily only one ghoul died in the aftermath, put my vampire suffered a leg wound and will be at -1M. Certainly tactical lessons to be learned, such as not advancing quite so unsupported with the faster elements. The ghouls are now putting out 3A's each, but I'm divided whether to bring them back up to the original 3, or instead add a trio of zombies to give me a bit of numerical superiority. Decisions decisions.

Hopefully they'll be one final fight before next year, when I will endeavour to get some pictures. The warbands will be fighting across some of the Malifaux terrain, which should be back in stores come the end of Jan, according to the Wyrd forums. Can see myself with a bit of it about come Feb.

I caved into desire and picked up a copy of Puppet Wars, which I'll do an unboxing post on in the New Year. The models strike a nice balance between disturbing and cute, and should be a ball to paint. The rules also seem to be a lot more accessible than Malifaux, breaking down into five tutorial games, rather than a massive info dump.

In an attempt to add a bit of personality to my Malifaux bases, and models I picked up 30g of watch parts from eBay.

The 20mm base by the side is shown for some sort of scale as some of the pieces are tini tiny.

Lastly after much searching I've finally found some tomb stones suitable for both adding to my Vampire Counts and for use as counters elsewhere.

From Renedra, I got two of the above sprues for £8. Not bad at all.

Millenia Of Wear

I've done a little bit more experimenting and thinking.

I really like the verdigris look, but on the legs I painted below, the verdigris is the wrong way round, after a fashion. I want a far more worn look.

To that end I've been playing about with sponges to apply paint (GW's stippling brush is not up to the task) and tried it out on a necron.

It is worth pointing out that absolute pain in the arse that photo was to take, and how badly the colours have come out. In real life they are far more coherent, and the blue tinge is less pronounced.

He (or she, I suppose) needs a bit of fresh wear picking out, with some metal as almost an edge highlight. I'll also be doing the gun as rusted. This means I need to make a decision on the colour of the shoulder pads, and the energy weapon emission. Think I'm still leaning towards ice blue to white for that, but the shoulder pads will be a puzzle. Might give them the rust look, we shall see.

Colours Of The Tomb

I'm still messing around with colour schemes, and finding that some of my metallics are not in a usable state.

I don't want a traditional look for the army, and my original preference is a little to close to my Dark Eldar scheme and reuire edge highlighting, which I'd rather avoid. Instead I think I'm going to go with a heavily weathered brass/bronze scheme, which means a bit of experimenting. It also means I need to work out both gun and shoulder pad colour differently, but anyway.

Below is a picture of a little painting experiment. Sadly this leaves the weathering in all the wrong places, but does look visually pleasing. The correct weathering would be predominantly verdigris with fresh metal only at the joints, which will be an unusual look to try. Hopefully both a darker bronze and verdigris will prevent me having a whole army of C3P0 clones.

It Came From The Crypt…

It’s bloody empty here, so time to finally get some content up, hopefully as some sort of on going thing.

I find myself once again starting a new army, and so it seemed the perfect time to tie it to a blog and make me paint the damned things.

Necrons have sucked me in, with shiny new models, and background. Expanding beyond a handful of units they finally have choice and character.

Waking The Sleepers…

Right so, starting a new army, means grabbing the codex and having a leaf through and comparing what I’d like to include, with what works on the table top, and what is currently out. This then gets hammered into a list, and hammered again, and again, and after about 5 tries I have something I was about happy with.

While I was whittling the list down I was also thinking about the overall look of the army. As the traditional green rods seem to have been eliminated from most of the force, I’m going to be converting my warriors to do without them. This will mean stealing them from Immortal kits.

I’ve yet to decide on colour scheme, or overall story behind the force, but that’ll come.

They Live

Picked up a box of Warriors and Immortals.


So that’s the first half of the unit ready to be based. It may turn out to be a hideous mistake gluing them together from the start, but shouldn’t be too bad.


And the first attempt to cobble together a warrior’s gun without the green rod. Sadly the part from the Immortal’s weapon is not quite long enough. Which is annoying seeing as it’s an obvious conversion that could have been catered for. Going to work on a different way of doing the next one.


And finally a slightly out of focus Immortal, based, and ready for an undercoat and to be abused as I try and find a colour scheme I like.

I’ll be updating when progress is made, and won’t be buying anything until my first two units are painted.

Year Zero

If I can get the linking to work properly, welcome to Screwed Up Paper's new sister site. Over here I’ll be dealing with anything involving paint and little (formerly) lead men. That’ll leave the main site clear for other things and general ramblings.

I’ll see about shifting the old content across soon, but various bits of new content to go up first.