It Came From The Crypt…

It’s bloody empty here, so time to finally get some content up, hopefully as some sort of on going thing.

I find myself once again starting a new army, and so it seemed the perfect time to tie it to a blog and make me paint the damned things.

Necrons have sucked me in, with shiny new models, and background. Expanding beyond a handful of units they finally have choice and character.

Waking The Sleepers…

Right so, starting a new army, means grabbing the codex and having a leaf through and comparing what I’d like to include, with what works on the table top, and what is currently out. This then gets hammered into a list, and hammered again, and again, and after about 5 tries I have something I was about happy with.

While I was whittling the list down I was also thinking about the overall look of the army. As the traditional green rods seem to have been eliminated from most of the force, I’m going to be converting my warriors to do without them. This will mean stealing them from Immortal kits.

I’ve yet to decide on colour scheme, or overall story behind the force, but that’ll come.

They Live

Picked up a box of Warriors and Immortals.


So that’s the first half of the unit ready to be based. It may turn out to be a hideous mistake gluing them together from the start, but shouldn’t be too bad.


And the first attempt to cobble together a warrior’s gun without the green rod. Sadly the part from the Immortal’s weapon is not quite long enough. Which is annoying seeing as it’s an obvious conversion that could have been catered for. Going to work on a different way of doing the next one.


And finally a slightly out of focus Immortal, based, and ready for an undercoat and to be abused as I try and find a colour scheme I like.

I’ll be updating when progress is made, and won’t be buying anything until my first two units are painted.