Goals–March Pt 2

With the way last months goals went it's clear I either need to scale back my plans or put in a lot more time. Sadly, I suspect I'm going to have to scale back my aspirations rather than lose hours of sleep getting things done. I'll be putting fewer goals down here, and trying to estimate what I can actually get done in a month.

Despite the above this month has not seen everything ticked off and there are still projects hung over from January. While some of this can be put down to putting time into getting to grips with Infinity and a revision of the Necron paint scheme, much of the blame lies with me not putting enough time in, and going off message. 

1.0 Warhammer

1.1 Paint Zombies

I'm not ascribing a number to this, but getting 20 done would be good. If I'm going to get my Vampire Counts on the table I need to  start making headway into finishing units. Hopefully a few nights solid painting should get me well on the way to this.

I’ve got a lot of the basic painting done on 20 zombies now, but there’s still a lot to do. I think I’ve cracked painting intestines, so that’s a plus at least. 


1.2 Cast Skeleton Shields

While I've got the scarabs likely to take priority I still want to get some shields cast. This will mean remaking the mould and starting fresh castings. One thing I am aware of is the need for variation in the designs I copy, so I need to do a bit of math on the numbers of shields I need. 

Casting scarabs took rather more time than I’d hope so this has largely been left alone.
2.0 Warhammer 40,000

2.1 Warrior and Immortals

I really need to get these finished as top priority this month, as they have been dragging on too long already. Getting these done should make the way clear for possibly picking up the Battalion set next month to give me a nice sized force on the cheap, without models that are going to be redundant. 

A change to my paint technique for these has set me back. I’m almost done with the Warriors, needing only to finish the energy coils on the weaponry. The Immortals need the rust effect applying and then the tesla cannons need to be finished. 



2.2 Cast Scarbs

I want to modify the mould I've created and put all of my Instant Mold into Scarab production for a bit. I think with some changes to the way I'm doing things I can make 4 scarabs from every pair of Instant Mold sticks. With the six sticks I have this means being able to cast 12 Scarabs a day, pushed to 24 if I leave them in the mould 12 hours instead of 24. This is going to produce a ridiculous number of Scarabs very quickly, as well as burn through Green Stuff, but should increase my numbers enough by the time I've got the Warriors and Immortals painted to allow me to start building up my bases.

So far my total stands at 40 scarabs cast. I’m still only casting 4 at a time, and could easily increase the output next month. I think it may be time to clean some up and see how they look on a base. 


2.3 Space Wolves

I've ordered a selection of the Space Wolf plastic kits, and combined with what I already have in my collection I'll be putting together some models this month. There's a fair bit of pre planning to do before I get to that stage, so expect some wordy posts about them first. I'm planning a mix of armour MKs and some of the Forge World armour kits are sorely tempting, although the price of the army sky rockets, roughly doubling the cost per model. 

There’s still a bit of planning to do for this, but I think I have everything I want for now, so that’s a start. With 6th ed getting closer I think putting the breaks on this until I seen the rules may be wise. 

3.0 Mordheim

3.1 Play

Even this early in the month the weekends are looking full, but I think a game could possibly be squeezed in somewhere. 

Sadly I’ve not got in a game this month, but there was that game of Infinity, so that sort of counts, right?

4.0 Malifaux

4.1 Basing

This is going to be far more time consuming than I initially though, so I'll be limiting myself to trying to get only a single crew based this month. Quite who this will be I'm not sure yet as I need to see what supplies I have for the various basing types.

I got Marcus and crew based, so that’s a success.

5.0 Puppet Wars

5.1 Tracker

There's some planning to do for this as I need to work out how to change the watch face and make other alterations. I want to get the design work done, if not the actual physical work, as there are problems to be ironed out in theory before I make any proper changes.

Being able to take all the paint off the watch face and leave a blank canvas has surprised me. I now need to rejig my plan around this.

6.0 Warmachine

6.1 Kodiak Conversion

As part of rounding out my Khador force I want to convert one of my plastic Warjacks into a Kodiak. At the moment I don't know if this will be permanent or if it's possible to do with magnets, so I'll be messing about with Green Stuff and plasticard at some point this month.

This hasn’t progressed beyond the concept stage sadly.

6.2 Prepare Widowmakers and Winter Guard

I don't think I'm going to have the painting time for these models in addition to making snowy bases for them, so will settle for just doing the latter, and getting them undercoated.

Another task accomplished. Clearly should have just been working on bases this month.


Hopefully these more modest goals will mean I can cross everything off this list come the months end, or even add other completed work to it. 

HA! That’s not happened then. I achieved quite a lot off message though, most of which is elsewhere on the blog, so that’s a good thing.

Broadcast Signal Intrusion–Tripod Vs The Dragon

I’ll let the boys introduce themselves and the show…
So then, the show that was previously titled “Dungeons and Dragons: The Opera.” At it’s as bloody good as that title suggests.
A mix of D&D music and comedy.
I found Tripod initially via Ben Templesmith, who’s a brilliant comic book artist and I’m not going to miss a chance to include a bit of his art here.201003310252
Hunt the DVD of the show down online and buy a copy.
I’ll leave you with the best song of the show, and a link to the band’s website
Anyway, back to proper blogging tomorrow.

Review–Sarissa Precision–Explorer Hab Pod

Furthering the Infinity kick I seem to be on, I ordered an Explorer Habitation Pod from Sarissa Precision.


Sarissa have a quite considerable range, for both 28mm and 15mm scale games, including their System ∞ range for Infinity.

Made of laser cut MDF the kit comes as a set 21 of pre cut parts, accompanied by the tang of burnt wood.


Infinity–Yu Jing Imperial Service Starter Pack Unboxing.

A companion to yesterday’s Araiadna unboxing this is a slightly more involved set.

Again this box is just shy of £30 and comes to around 180pts.


Once again the set has a handy break down of the contents along the spine.


As with the Aridna box the packaging is robust. Unlike that box all of the six models included are multi part and come individually wrapped.


I’ve started painting one Celestial Guard, who I’ll come to later, but here are the two others. Once again the casting quality is very good and there are very few visible mould lines, and almost no flash present. The sprue looks very different to that found on GW and other models.

The right hand model is in the process of reloading, which is a fairly rare pose to see, and is carried off very well.


To give an idea of how impressive the sculpting is. The arm on the left is the male arm, while the thinner arm on the right is from the female model. I’ve never seen such subtly done differentiation within a unit before. Is does however mean arms swaps will be trickier.


Onto the more complex models. Below is the Wu Ming, with his delicate backpack antenna. I’m surprised that the left arm wasn’t also a separate piece.  The armoured suit looks impressive next to the slimmer Celestial Guard.


The Pheasant Agent come in the most parts, with the split coat attaching nicely to the rear of the model (I suspect a little bending will be involved when I come to fit it). I really do like the finished pose on this model.


The final model, the Hsien is split at the waist, something I’ve not seen for a long while on a metal model. I’m not sure the bulk of the legs matches with the body, but we’ll see once things are assembled.


Here is my WIP Celestial Guard with a fairly basic colour scheme. GW’s new white base coat paint is hopefully going to make painting his companions a easier task. There’s still tidying and detail work to do, and the only thing I’m not quite happy with yet is the faceplate colour, and possibly the eyes. 


To finish up then, this is everything based up, with a Space Marine in the background for size comparison. These models seem ever slimmer than the Ariadnans.


First bit of the conclusion has to be to say that I like the Yu Jing models in this set more than their opposite numbers in the Araidna set. This is both down to the look of the models, and probably because the Araidna are older, predominantly single piece, sculpts.

So far I’ve been very impressed with the quality of the models, although I’ve yet to assemble any, so that’ll likely influence me one way or the other. They certainly are a joy to paint.

Infinity–Araiadna Starter Pack Unboxing

So the unboxing of my first Infinity box set. For the sake of giving a one word opinion- impressive.

I’ll be unboxing another set (Yu Jing Imperial Service) tomorrow.

Here’s what the box looks like, much brighter than Warhammer 40,000 packaging, as befits the less dour outlook of the game. At not quite £30 this set gives around 120pts of troops, and sadly needs something else added to bring it up to the more standard, small game, 150pts.


Two quick notes on the box itself. Firstly that the little end tabs have counters on that can be used in game, which is a nice way to get a bit more mileage out of the packaging.


The contents is listed on the spine of the box with a mug shot of the relevant model and their major armaments, something useful to anyone picking up the box with little knowledge of the game.


Inside the packaging is this sturdy little cardboard box. The reason I’m bothering to make note of this will become obvious below…


Wait for it…


The nicely packaged models, all secure and snug. The box is a step up from most throw away packaging that comes with miniatures (Although I’m impressed by Wyrd the box isn’t this good), and I’d feel fairly happy transporting the finished models in the box they came in (cut out a strip for the bases to sit in at 90° and everything would fit nicely I imagine)


So, moving onto the miniatures then (at last). Four of the six are single piece sculpts, and are all nicely proportioned and posed. There’s very few mould lines and only small amounts of flash (that’s been cleaned off on the photo below). The detail is all very crisp. It’s nice to see tabs without writing on for a change and these should provide a good contact to the base tab (not that I’ll be using them like that, but it’s a point worth noting).


The fifth miniature, the Veteran Kazak, comes in two parts, opening up his firing stance. Again the quality is impressive. The bases have a little bit of flash on them, which I’ve never seen before, but it’s a minor thing. I’d much rather have flash there than on the model.


Finally we have the 3rd Highland Grey with his two shotguns. Dynamically posed I really like the feel of this model. It helps that the shotguns remind me of Terminator 2, but I digress.


The below shot give some idea of the more to scale sculpting aesthetic used by Corvus Belli, compared to GW’s heroic scale models.  The models are impressively delicate compared to much of GW’s output.


Even more so than the above this shot gives an idea of the difference in scale of the range from GW.


I’m very impressed overall, and am looking forward to getting the models constructed and painted up. I may well pick up another model or two to round out the group to 150pts but otherwise I’ve no complaints.

GW Paint Conversion

Games Workshop have released a PDF showing the old paint range with its new equivalent. Hopefully these will be pinned up in stores, but in the mean time, here's the link.

I've yet to try the paints myself, but hopefully can get down to a store soon and give them a demo.

My current paint collection seem to match my needs fairly well, so I'm clearly going to have to get painting more and get some used up if the new line lives up to the fanfare, and are as useful as washes have become.

Infinity and Vassal

Well, I played and lost my first game of Infinity last night.

This was played over Vassal, online.  So first of all my thoughts on that.

Vassal is an online games hosting service that does much of the leg work for the user. Working with different systems via a series of modules these modify the program to work with the specific rules set. There’s a wide range of games systems supported, but not the major ones due to the various permissions needed.

Vassal does do much of the heavy lifting and overall is pretty impressive. There were a few things I had trouble with, but I suspect most of this was me needing to change settings, or go about things differently.  There was some lag, but I wasn’t acting as host, so we’ll see if it’s present with things the other way around.

Anyway this is an aside to the larger point of this which is me getting beaten once again.

InfinityMap1So then, the above shows my deployment, with my forces on the right of the in the red and balck. The forces were about 180pts on either side with me playing Yu Jing against my opponents ALEPH.

My first mistake was deciding to deploy first, and then misreading the battlefield. The fences I set up behind are quite tall and would have blocked my advanced had some friendly rejigging not taken place.

I’m not sure I’m at home with the rules set enough at the moment to provide a report like my Malifaux one, so I’ll stick to a brief run through…

I took first turn, moving forward (should have peeled around the top set of buildings instead) and seeing one of my Celestial Guard (the red circles) die to ARO sniper fire. InfinityMap3

My opponent advanced with more finesse than I managed, without exposing his troops, and my second turn soon rolled around. I advanced my troops, and in the north exchanged some fire with the ALEPH, to which they responded by throwing a smoke grenade to obscure themselves. In the South my Hsien traded shots with the ALEPH sniper to no avail. InfinityMap4

Another turn and more shooting left me looking decidedly stuffed, with the enemy having suffered very little apart from a few dinks to their armour. InfinityMap7

So, what did I take away from my first game?

Firstly that the dice gods don’t want me to roll criticals and prefer my opponent to roll nothing but. While a standard whine for losing a game it is true in this case.

Infinity is a brutal game and any model that enters the enemies Line of Fire can expect to pay for it. I still don’t feel quite at home with the rules set, or the tactics of the Order system, but that’ll come with reading, time and practice.

For specifics, I should have put more bodies on the board, and avoided the more costly troops. I should have avoided splitting the force as I did and instead moved in groups. And I should have made better used of the terrain when advancing and certainly made better use of the troopers I did bring to the board, as none were used at full effectiveness.

Can’t wait for my next game though. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to report a win for once.

Sunday Photo Page 24.03.2012

I’ll be fairly brief today.
Painting is happening today for the first time in a long while. And I’m slowly moving towards finsihing the Necrons.
I’ve picked up an Infinity boxed set, which I’ll be talking about next week, and have been having a play around with colour schemes, resulting in this….
He’s a long way from finished, but it’s a good start.
I also found one of the advantages of buying a very cheap pocket watch for my turn tracker project…
…which is that the decoration on the dial is very easily scrapped off.
There’s still a lot to do before the month end, not least of which is getting a unit finished. Back to the paint station…

From The Æther - Painting

Well, this fits quite nicely with the rash of paint articles over the last 24 hours.


The best starting point for inspiration, articles, competitions, and on occasion new miniature releases news from all sorts of ranges.

There's a good time to be had just dropping a vowel into the search engine and displaying the results by descending rating. There are some fantastically talented painters out there.

Here are the only three models on the whole site rated at 9.9. Click the caption to go to there Coolminiornot page for more pictures and details.

Visions Of Hatred

 And my personal favourite, scoring a 9.6 ...
Frutti Di Mare
Massive Voodoo

Full of some very impressive dioramas and sculpts, with tutorials and articles on all sorts of painting and modelling stuff.

As these things go you can find an article about "Frutti Di Mare"  here, on Massive Voodoo

Chest Of Colours

Another site filled with very good articles on every aspect of painting.

The Painting Corps

Some very good tips and tricks as well as videos to be found here.

I've avoided listing blogs here, as they tend to be directed by a personal style rather than have a broad selection (which is no bad thing, but not going to give a broad range of ideas to chose from) of how to's on getting things done.

Of course there are a myriad of other sites out there, as well as, hopefully, GW redoing their tutorials with regards to the new paints. The forums are also always a good place to go looking for things, and google image search (and it's drag and drop picture search feature) is your friend.

What's In A Name?

Just an aside, but GW's new IP friendly names are going to make reading any painting guide printed before today very clunky, and given the expanded range of colours likely include redundant paint mixes to achieve colours now available in a pot.

Certainly if I'd bought the 'Eavy Metal Masterclass book (£18) back in November I'd be unhappy.

GW Paints - A Riot Of Colour

GW's new paints are now up for advanced order, to be released on the 7th April.
The new names are going be a new learning curve.

GW's post about them can be found here, along with a full selection of the new releases.It's a shame the sections on the new types doesn't say anything of how they match up to the old line. We'll see what the White Dwarf says when it arrives.

And here's Alan Merrett talking about the paints, which gives a much better idea of what's changed than merely reading about it...

Shame the starter paint sets bump over the £20 line at £22.50.Although the 40K set can probably be taken as an indication of one army that'll be in the 6th ed box set.

The How to Paint guide with DVD looks like an interesting release, the quality of which will probably determined by how good the DVD is.

Still no sign of a wet pallet though.

IT's going to be interesting to see if they live up to GW's hype, and how the community react to them.

And for those of you not into GW paints, a new contender has arrived in the form of Army Painter's new Warpaints range

Studio McVey - Grizzel

I seem to be doing quite a few small posts today, but that’s the way it goes.


The above is Grizzel, a new model from Studio McVey, and a jaw dropping miniature both as a sculpt and the painting.

Go buy her here, and check out the rest of the miniatures in the store on the the blog.

GW Paints Page

I think the state of this page can be taken as a fair indication we'll be seeing the new paints going online for order in the new few days...

At the time of writing that is the only standard paint GW are selling. Unless we've seeing a drastic change of direction from the 'Eavy Metal team to mono-coloured armies I hope we'll get official neew paint details soon.