The State Of Things - 6 Months On

Post 236 for the blog, marking 6 months of daily posting from me, well,  1.1(ish) per day. Time to take a look at things.

Firstly a thank you to anyone who reads this, I hope it's been informative/useful/amusing so far, and neither the length of some posts, nor the frequency of updates some days has been wearing.

To get it out of the way, I've surprised myself with managing to get something on here every day, be it finding time to write the article and post it, or with scheduling things to update over a number of days. If nothing else it's provide a routine and motivation.

A Plan Is Just A List Of Things That Don't Happen 

I started with no real goal for this blog, but goals for where I was going with the hobby. So far that's not really worked out, as I've gone off in unexpected directions and the amount of my own work shown on here has evaporated, bar assembling the occasional model. I'm not sure if that is set to change over the next six months, hopefully I'll look back at the end of the year and have more models painted, rather than looking back and simply having more models, which seems to be the way of things.

I've certainly ended up buying into more systems than I'd been interested in six months ago, and being aware of far more games and miniature companies. Sadly this hasn't turned into more games, but that wasn't an expected outcome all things being equal. I'm more of a collector than either painter or gamer it is becoming clear.

For My Next Trick...

I'll be very pleased if I can keep up the daily posts. Other than that I think things are best left vague at the moment. The new edition of 40K ought to lend some impetuous to dusting off armies for that, as the right codices roll around.  For Fantasy I've got things in the works, so we shall see what happens, certainly the Mantic Kings Of War Kickstarter dovetails into this, as well as standing on its own feet, hopefully. Elsewhere Malifaux looks like it'll be getting a shot in the arm with the re released rulebook, while Infinity keeps drawing me in, iffy release this month not withstanding. Bushido and Tor are also creeping in shortly, as well as Sedition Wars, obviously.

We shall see what happens, but fingers crossed on another good 6 months at least.

From The Æther - GW FAQ's

GW have updated their FAQ's on the dawn of 6th ed. Go here for the pdfs.

3++ does the hard lifting for you and summaries the major changes here.

Sedition Wars - Ogre Killer?

Well, here's the last stretch goal for Sedition Wars, looking to top the total raised by Ogre, with 9 hours remaining that's going for $13,871 an hour. Here it is...

"Bulkhead doors, airlocks, and walls can slow the progress of a tactical breach. Trained to use Exo-armor in tight conditions, Barker's Aphid industrial power-frame is perfect in the cramped conditions of Alabaster station. Customized with armor plating, industrial breaching tools and a close range kinesis shredder, Barker uses this suit to get to them before they can get to you. "

If we hit this stretch, Barker Zosa and his loader frame will be included in every Biohazard set! But not to worry, he'll be available if we don't hit it for $25.
Thank you all for your wonderful support!  It's been a blast!

Infinity June Releases

A bit late to this one, but more models from Corvus Belli.

Sedition Wars beating Zombicide

Wow. Sedition Wars has only a few hours left on its Kickstarter clock, and it has beaten the funding level for Zombicide.Here's the latest stretch goal to be unlocked.

"Close combat with the Strain is lethal, so Kara has decided to upgrade to her personal suit of Gnosis power armor. Built for extreme combat - with a self contained environmental envelope, internal medical systems, and enhanced tac-net connections - the Gnosis is the equalizer that the Vanguard will need if they're going put a stop to the Strain's malignant expansion."

It's interesting to note the difference in numbers. Sedition Wars has 3,595 backers at the time of writing, with Zombicide finishing with 5,258. Better miniatures making people reach deeper into their pockets? I await the next stretch goal with anticipation.

From The Æther -Release Day

This is pretty redundant, but it's launch day for Warhammer 40,000's 6th ed rules set. Shame they've ballsed up with the dice. The following is taken from the newsletter....

Those of you who have read this month's White Dwarf will have seen some great-looking Munitorum Dice, Battlefield Objectives and Vehicle Markers, which come supplied with a lasgun power pack dice tin as well as pewter-effect dice holders. These have unfortunately been delayed in the warp, but will be on sale in a few weeks. Check back on for further updates.

I'll be pouring over my copy of the rules on Monday. Hope they're free of mistakes, and do good things for the game.

Of course it's not just 40K that should be getting all the attention, there are other things also out, including army sets from Mantic,  those Defiance Games rules I posted about earlier in the week, and a sale on at Tor Games (via Tabletop Fix)

Black Library Submissions 2012 - Window Closing

The official release of 6th ed isn't the only big thing happen tomorrow, as the Black Library's subs window for 2012 slams closed as well. Best of luck to all those putting something in. Anyone who didn't know about it, and wants to put something in, the details can be found here

With this done, normal service and promised posts will be appearing next week.

Anyone in a store tomorrow, have fun, and I hope the new edition turns out to be full of changes for the better.

White Dwarf 391 - Review

Lets start with the above. Gold lettering - not a fan. It looks like a space has been blanked out for fancy graphics and they never got added. Gold is not the colour of war.

There Is Only War? Well, inside the pages there is pretty much only Warhammer 40K, which is expected (just like the end of the year will see an issue that will be cover to cover Hobbit) but makes this pretty much a waste of money for anyone interested in only Fantasy.

I'll be stream of conciousnessing this, so hold tight. They'll also be a scoring system.

Inside cover/page 1. Double page army spread showing Blood Angel and Imperial Guard. Points for not just having marines, minus points for not showing a battle.

Pg2. Editorial. The black bar under the column makes it look like something's been censored (-1). Contents no longer split by game system (-1)  It's telling that I've got (-1) set to paste in already isn't it, rather than (1). Editorial manges not to be an easy way out puff piece (1).

Pg3. Cover of the new rulebook ((1) for not using it as the cover image) used as intro to the new releases.

Pg4-5 New rulebook splash. (-1) for using the French copy for the open book image (La Death Guard). (-1)  for not naming the authors/design team.

Sedition Wars: Battle For $600,000

With three days left on the clock Sedition Wars is still pulling in funding with ridiculous speed, having jumped up $150,000 in about three days. Currently setting themselves on course to try and top a $600,000 stretch goal (the total is just over $548,000, at the time of writing, with $28,000  of that added in the last 10 hours or so), the awesome additions just keep on coming.

Here's the latest add ons to the project then.Where appropriate I've run an extra and its attendant stretch goal together so you've got the full picture of what your money is getting you. The following also assumes you're buying the Biohazard level game or above (the very end of this article contains a run down of what you get in a Biohazard set), as I can't see why you'd buy just the box game, for $20 less, and miss out on all the extras.

Extras - Miniatures

These models are available from the Studio McVey store, but are through the Kickstarter project are on offer at a considerable discount of $10. With four arm variants, you'll either want so magnets, or go the whole hog and buy two. Because I'm a sucker for pencil concept art, here's the stretches, followed by a painted model as seen in the store.

 There's a quote I'd put here, but I rather suspect I'll want it for a post in the future...

Thanks to hitting the $470,000 goal this extra has been upped to four models that might well be familiar to quiet a few people. 

We Have Bear Cavalry - Avatar's Of War

The Avatars Of War IndieGogo campaign has just finished up. Here's the final figure

This is very good indeed, given the slow grind to get to $20,000. Congratulations to the team behind it all and I look forward to seeing some of the previews as the models move from concept, to sculpting, to in my grubby paws.

Avatars Of War Dwarf Army - 24 Hours (ish) To Go

Avatars Of War, having beaten their target of $20,000 only a few days ago are steam ahead into the last twenty four hours of their IndieGoGo project with an impressive jump in funding. 

The range of models on offer continues to grow impressively, with the next goal at $31,250 being a unit of 10 Dwarf Pathfinders with hand weapons and crossbows, before we reach Dwarfs on Warbears at $38,750.

Hopefully the last minute growth spurt will continue, as for many of the early days of the campaign it didn't look like it would happen at all.

Games Workshop Online- 5th Ed Not Dead Yet?

Still want to get your hands on the Assault on Black Reach set? Well it look as though 5th Ed is going to take a long week dying, even with its successor in the wings.

GW's online store (in the UK at least) still has copies of AoBR listed as available in the "essentials" section. Here's a screen grab. I don't know if you'll get all the way to the checkout with it, but it's still a good source of models if you need Space Marines or Orks. You might even be able to use them as allies them under the new rules (he say, half joking).

Kings Of War Kickstarter - Aftermath

The image above says a lot. The Kings Of War Kickstarter project has been phenomenal, smashing through 27 stretch goals, to reach the huge total above, and resulting in the creation of 21 new units to be produced for the game.

I'll have more on this later in the week, when I've got chance to dig into some figures, but at the moment my main sense of things is wow. Congratulations to Mantic Games.

Warhammer 40,000 Launch - Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

Just so it's recorded somewhere, the Collectors' and Gamers' Editions of the 6th Edition Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook have sold out from the Avance Order page in the UK, disappearing sometime around 8ish on Sunday night. They'll no doubt be copies in stores, but once they're gone they're gone. The Ultimate Edition disappeared even sooner than that. 

Hopefully we'll see the Dice (and the dice that aren't dice) and Servo Skull (which I've warmed to seeing the White Dwarf photos) go up for order soon.

Defiance Games - Alien War

Warhammer 40,000 was the only game to get a rules release this weekend.

Defiance Games have also put their rules out. I'll hand you over to their rather well done press release, posted on the 22nd...

We know the Hobby Games community has been waiting with baited breath for this momentous date!
The rumor mill has run rampant with speculation on the upcoming rules!

The leading rumor was that pre-orders would start this be followed by the official release next weekend. The rumors also claim that this is to be a bloated, over-priced rules set that you'll just have to live with.

Well, we're here to tell you that the rumors were WRONG!


In a time when gamers have come to accept that a rules set must be a bloated, over-priced volume handed down without consultation, to be followed without question, we thought we'd do something different.

We thought we'd give you a set of rules to test, and see if you like them. We thought we'd open up the process of development to a wider audience and listen to what people had to say. For the last year we've had gamers from three continents playing these rules and adding their suggestions. And tomorrow we are offering it to you, free.

Play it, see what you think. If you are interested in contributing to it, that's what we'd like. We won't promise to use every suggestion (and we aren't going back to step one, either!) but if you'll play it and let us know what you think, we'll have a better game at the end of it all.

The Alien War rules - a FREE 31 page illustrated PDF showcasing the hard-hitting, realistic nature of ground combat in the 23rd century. Tomorrow...

And with it now being the 25th, the rules are out. Go take a look at them here.

Only War Beta

I really like the logo.

Only War puts you in the combat boots of an Imperial Guardsman, in the Warhammer 40,000 RPG universe, ready to undertake a whole host of missions on the orders of your superior officers in the game of the God-Emperor.

 For more details check out the Fantasy Flight Games website.

Sunday Photo Post 24.06.2012

Thank you Wikipedia, for the above.

Two things came through the post yesterday, one of which the internet is already pulling apart, so first up, White Dwarf 391, the 40K launch issue.

My first impression is that it does a very poor job of introducing the specifics of the new system, and sticks to marketing pieces, as shown by new rules titbits being hidden away to an extent rather than explained. The only outright piece on the new rules concerns the new psychic cards. Another marketing miss for GW. They'll be a full review up in the week.

Next up is this little gem.

A blast from the past (1988 to be exact) that will be part of another article next week.

And that's it. These articles are turning into previews rather than a progress catch up, which isn't ideal, but hopefully some actual physical hobby will happen soon. We shall see what 6th Ed brings.

Have a good Sunday, don't forget Kings Of War's Kickstarter closes in about 12 hours.

From The Æther - Kings Of War Special - 24 Hours (ish) To Go

The Kings Of War Kickstarter has been phenomenal, with Mantic pulling out all the stops to produce new unit after new unit, after supplement, after expansion to keep up with their increasingly large donation total.

All donations will be dealt with once the project is over and they'll be surveys sent out and chance to alter amounts donated if you've missed anything, but put down your money now to get Mantic over their next stretch goal ($275,000) and into even more free stuff (Abysal Dwarf Golems).

It'd take a very long blog post indeed to detail all the rewards available and the stretch goals, instead I'll restrict myself to a list of the new models that come free, and a list of what has to be bought from the extras pile.

As things stand there are a large range of donation levels, from $20 to $8,000 with the main thrust being behind the new rule book and providing armies for players to take to the table with.

Here's what is available free one you hit a donation level of $100 (about £60), including the concept art or model where applicable.

- A Kickstarter exclusive Undead Skeletal Dog Handler (see the top of the page)

- 1 Celestian Human Paladin

-1 Celestian Men-at-Arms

- 1 Celestian Angel Paladin

- 1 Celestian Battle Sister
- 1 Elf Palace Guard

- 1 Dwarf Berserker Brock Rider

-1 Gargoyle figure

- 1 Mummy figure

- 1 Troll figure

- 1 Orc Chariot/Fight Wagon

From The Æther - Avatars Of War Dwarves. Goal Beaten

The Avatars Of War Dwarf campaign has turned out to be the little, well, short, project that could, having beat its total of $20,000 with 4 days still in the clock, and continuing to push forward.

Dwarf Bear Warriors ("Dwarf Warriors in Bear Disguise) will be the next kit to unlock at $23,750.

Go give them some support and get your hands on what are certain to be some gorgeous Dwarf miniatures.

Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition - Advance Orders Now Live

Here it comes then.

The full list of Advanced Orders can be found at the Games Workshop website. Well, the UK version at least.

I'll update this page when/if more items come onto the store. Any blank spot I've left is because we've seen the items in the White Dwarf preview images that were in my earlier post.

Here's the run down of them, and my thoughts. I've grouped things as best I can, with a quick summary under each heading, and a break down of each item, with pictures and the pricing.

I'll be putting up a Parent's Guide post as well, although that might wait until tomorrow, if you skip to the end of this piece there's a summary of what I'd buy.

A boxed game set is conspicuous by its absence, but it'll be hot on the heels of the rules release. Although, following the Fantasy release model it'll be two months away, as the release of a wave of Chaos Demons came in August, followed by the September release of The Island Of Blood.


The thing we've really been waiting for for the last few months, at last available, in  three flavours for the moment. Here's hoping it's not got the typos and rules errors that mar the Warhammer Rulebook.

Hardback - £45 /$74.25 /€60

Weighting in at 452 full colour pages with full rules, background and hobby section this is the new way the game will be played.

Bushido - Bobata The Bell Ringer Review

Sometimes I buy models just because I like that look of them and such was the case with Bobata. There's something about a huge shouty demon that just sits well with me. He'd also do a good job as a very large Savage Orc Warboss with a bit of work, for anyone with a pair of huge stone axes lying about.

Here's what he looks like as bits

There's an odd disparity of quality in the joints, some such as the chains between the bell and hand and ring and hand are very good, as shown below, where one link fits into another or joins with it's other half (although I've fiddled with mine for the sake of strength and posing).

 Other joints, such as the arms and the head need a little work to get flush, and even then the head will need some greenstuff around the back, where the hair doesn't follow the shoulders/back of the model, but just juts out.

The horns which come joined on a piece of sprue are also a pain as they need quiet a bit of tidying once they're been removed. They're to the right of the models head on the parts shot.

These, fairly minor points aside the model is very good quality with hardly any noticeably mould lines, minimum flash and some very well defined detail. Here he is in all his glory, waiting on a scenic base to add some height and clearance to the bell and show him off to his best.

And here's a shot with a Space Marine for some indication of size.

And a shot with the Puppet Master from my Cult Of Yurei post, so you can see how he fits into the Bushido range. 

While there is a little bit of tidying work to do, I'm impressed with the model, particularly the fineness of the chain and the strength of the pose. At £16.95 he's expensive, but not horribly so for what you get. Being a Bushido model there are also stats cards in the box.