Sedition Wars - Ogre Killer?

Well, here's the last stretch goal for Sedition Wars, looking to top the total raised by Ogre, with 9 hours remaining that's going for $13,871 an hour. Here it is...

"Bulkhead doors, airlocks, and walls can slow the progress of a tactical breach. Trained to use Exo-armor in tight conditions, Barker's Aphid industrial power-frame is perfect in the cramped conditions of Alabaster station. Customized with armor plating, industrial breaching tools and a close range kinesis shredder, Barker uses this suit to get to them before they can get to you. "

If we hit this stretch, Barker Zosa and his loader frame will be included in every Biohazard set! But not to worry, he'll be available if we don't hit it for $25.
Thank you all for your wonderful support!  It's been a blast!