The State Of Things - 6 Months On

Post 236 for the blog, marking 6 months of daily posting from me, well,  1.1(ish) per day. Time to take a look at things.

Firstly a thank you to anyone who reads this, I hope it's been informative/useful/amusing so far, and neither the length of some posts, nor the frequency of updates some days has been wearing.

To get it out of the way, I've surprised myself with managing to get something on here every day, be it finding time to write the article and post it, or with scheduling things to update over a number of days. If nothing else it's provide a routine and motivation.

A Plan Is Just A List Of Things That Don't Happen 

I started with no real goal for this blog, but goals for where I was going with the hobby. So far that's not really worked out, as I've gone off in unexpected directions and the amount of my own work shown on here has evaporated, bar assembling the occasional model. I'm not sure if that is set to change over the next six months, hopefully I'll look back at the end of the year and have more models painted, rather than looking back and simply having more models, which seems to be the way of things.

I've certainly ended up buying into more systems than I'd been interested in six months ago, and being aware of far more games and miniature companies. Sadly this hasn't turned into more games, but that wasn't an expected outcome all things being equal. I'm more of a collector than either painter or gamer it is becoming clear.

For My Next Trick...

I'll be very pleased if I can keep up the daily posts. Other than that I think things are best left vague at the moment. The new edition of 40K ought to lend some impetuous to dusting off armies for that, as the right codices roll around.  For Fantasy I've got things in the works, so we shall see what happens, certainly the Mantic Kings Of War Kickstarter dovetails into this, as well as standing on its own feet, hopefully. Elsewhere Malifaux looks like it'll be getting a shot in the arm with the re released rulebook, while Infinity keeps drawing me in, iffy release this month not withstanding. Bushido and Tor are also creeping in shortly, as well as Sedition Wars, obviously.

We shall see what happens, but fingers crossed on another good 6 months at least.