Looking Ahead - August and Beyond.

This should be the 60th post of the month, which means there have been more posts this month than any other in the year so far. If this reflects anything it's that it's been a very busy month indeed.

We've seen Warhammer 40K launch its 6th edition, to the sound of a hundred bloggers writing new tactics and rules articles about the latest changes. I've yet to put in a game, so I can't comment as yet. We shall see what things look like after a few months and the first true 6th ed codexes come out.

Other systems and companies have also had their fair share of releases, (Dropship Commander anyone?) but it looks as though August will outshine July, as GenCon 2012 see Wyrd putting new books and models on the market, and Corvus Belli releasing something new for Infinity (Fingers crossed for a campaign book). Not to forget Dark Age as well, with a new book out in the near future.

The rest of the year looks to be packed as well, with whatever releases are put out by the aforementioned companies to be joined by many other things. The rumours say that we'll be seeing Chaos Space Marines Codex and the new 40K starter set come September, and the Dark Angels Codex before the year's end. There's the Hobbit coming up as well, and whatever comes around for Warhammer (although I suspect it'll be a fairly quiet time for Fantasy). Privateer Press have the Colossals and Gargantuans tearing up the gaming tables, as well as the two player Hordes set, the Iron Kingdom Roleplay game, Level 7, and more besides. All this as various Kickstarter projects will also be producing tangible products for their backers. 

Kickstarter Round Up 31.07.2012

In order to days left here's the best miniature gaming related Kickstarter/Indiegogo projects I know of on the web.

Evil Baby Orphanage

Coming way out of left field from Wyrd miniatures, this is a card game I'm including by dint of its creators rather than because it fits in strictly. Here's the Wyrd forum post about it

Red Box Games
Red Box Games are sculpting some fantastic Chaos Knight units and characters and more besides. While a rank seems to only consist of four models, and the price brackets jump up a little oddly the models do look very

Draksull's Meance

Undead Orc & Goblins,. Need I say more?

The models are good, and the project has a nice range of pledges, with the really interesting ones starting at $50. The project has stretch goals worked in, a good number of which have already been hit. Even if you don't fancy these models go check out the Titan Forge website anyway, as they have a fair selection of other miniatures that might be of interest.

Reaper Miniatures Bones

Your mileage may vary with Reaper Miniatures (I'm not that taken personally), but there's no denying that this project is offering value for money, with all this for $100

D14 and D18
Who doesn't want more dice?

Romantically Apocalypic - Books Of Captein

  And now our mystery entry, hailing from the land of comics, go support Zee Captein. No idea what I'm talking about, go take a look at the web comic (you useless boob).

Wrath Of Kings - More Preview Models

CoolMiniOrNot have released another three preview miniatures for Wrath Of Kings, ahead of the Gen Con 2012 launch.

Elsis Tagil, The Wail of War - It's good to see that not all of the women in Wrath Of Kings are going to have the physic of Olympic athletes or supermodels. I also like the weaponry, and the masks are growing on me.

Shael Han Champion - This model seems a bit ordinary, next to some of the others. Which isn't to say that it's a bad model, it's just that the others are more unusual/interesting.

The Deathbloom - I'm don't want to pass judgement on this model until we can see the back of it, as things may all go wrong if it's going to be arse staring at the player. Aside from that, the base and pose look fantastic.

So go get them while they're resin.

Judge Dredd Digital Gamebook

A quick bit of Dredd coverage, with a teaser for the forthcoming Judge Dredd Gamebook App from Tin Man Games  

Horus Heresy Posters - Black Library

Black Library are re-releasing their range of Horus Heresy Posters and Wallpapers. Get them while you can....

Scarface And Cordellia - Studio Giráldez

Another fantastically painted Infinity model from Studio Giráldez. Go here and here to see more shots of Scarface and Cordellia.

Scarface looks fantastic, while Cordellia's face seems a little off, being too cartoony.

Kotaku And 40K

Miniature gaming  occasionally rears it's head in main stream media. It seems worth while to grab these instances when possible, as it's always good to have some idea of what an outsider looking in sees, rather than an inside looking around.

Onto the coverage.

Miniatures Come To Life

Good lighting and perspective really puts models at home on the tabletop...

Orktimus Prime

Can't believe I've not stumbled across this elsewhere - an Ork Transformer.

40K Meets Doom

A really nicely converted and painted force.

Space Hulk - Video Game Retrospective.

Good old Space Hulk. This brings back memories.

From The Warp They Came - Chaos Daemons

So the Daemons are up for Advanced Order, and oh boy is it a good month for everyone but Khorne (He's got Blood Crushers, he can't complain).

The release of the rules update with White Dwarf is an interesting milestone as well, and one I'll deal with under its own review I think, so watch out for that later in the week. For now though, the models. I'm going to go through in God order, starting with the most interesting release of the month.

Seeker Chariot/Hellflayer Of Slaanesh


 As a model/concept I'm not sure I like the model. I just can't see the blades doing anything more that sticking in the ground, or never really reaching the enemy as the steeds get in the way.

That aside it is a nice model, and should provide some good conversion parts as well.

The most interesting thing about the models is that when their powers combine they create this...

The Exalted Seeker Chariot Of Slaanesh.

Using two of the same kit to make a new model the Exalted Seeker Chariot has ramifications worth examining. This is a really interesting move by GW, as it's the first time that they've ever done a kit that was speciffically designed to double up to create a new model. I can see that opurtunities for this are going to be fairly rare, but hopefully we'll see some more of it in the future, as it seems an interesting concept, and means more models to play with. That the model is ""While Stocks Last" is a bit of a lie, as the kit that needs doubling up for its construction has entered the main range.

Rolling The Bones While You Can - Munitorum Dice

This weekend saw the very quiet release of the Munitorum Dice, as "While Stocks Last" products. Slipped in on the "New Releases" page, the following are available for £10 each. Only one set are truly dice, the other two are just markers.

Munitorum Dice

Not much to say here, as these are just standard dice with a Imperial flavour. 

Sunday Photo Page - 29.07.2012

Sadly there's not been a lot of hobby progress this week, with only a tiny bit of paint going onto some Skaven, which aren't in a fit state to be seen on the web yet.

Things have been arriving however, so expect reviews of the following next week.

Behold the tiny box Ax Faction's Jotnar's Bane comes in

And a subscriber's copy of White Dwarf that's arrived on time. 

The Galaxy Will Burn - Forge World & The Horus Heresy

This should be good, despite being a rather poor video once again. With Forge World becoming a more official part of the game world, and GW's price increases it's going to be interesting to see how many more Forge World armies we'll see.

This does seem to have been a long time coming as GW really should have got some Primarch models out, and some of the Heresy era Terminator Shoulder Pads for that matter, on the shelves many years ago, in light of the demand the sculpts for them from other companies get.

I look forward to seeing models, and the book. Hopefully it'll mean stuff for the Imperial Guard as well as Space Marines. It seems odd looking back that the push for this spun out of a collectable card game.

Relics - Vaettir Kickstarter Force - Pt 1

Following on from yesterday's focus on the Britanan force, today is the turn of the Vaettir, from Tor Gaming.

The model count is lower than the Britanan force, with twelve models to their seventeen, but this is a case of quality versus quantity on the tabletop.

The size comparison gives an idea of how much the wings add to the height of the models.

Once again there were dice as part of the set, this time in fetching purple swirls.

As before, the real information is after the jump...

Broadcast Signal Intrusion - Boris Johnson, Olympics, Aquaman.

Two videos from around the web for your delight and lols.

Bloody Olympic Games. It's going to be like watch a slow motion train crash

Aquaman is one of the few of the New 52 books that have really impressed me.

Relics - Britanan Kickstarter Force Pt1

This is going to be a photo heavy post after the jump, so I'll get the more interesting pictures up first.

Here's a group shot of everything that has arrived so far from Tor Gaming for the Britanan forces, with more on the way after concepeting, sculpting and casting.

Here's a shot to give some idea of the scale of the models. They're chunky, and are fairly tall, with much of the height being thanks to hats.

As well as models, there were also dice available as part of the pledge, along with a nice cloth bag to keep them in, with the colour and icon of the faction.

Now to move onto the nitty gritty of the release. My opinion on the models as a whole can be found at the very bottom of the page, for those who want to skip ahead.

Here' what the Troopers look like out of the bag. There are three bodies, with matching arms, and three interchangeable heads, giving nine possible combinations before repetition, which is fortuitous as there were nine Troopers in the set.

My biggest issue with these models, as you'll see in the next photo, is the size of the tab, which is considerably taller than the base. I'm gong to do a work on the base to make this work as a feature, but it'd mean a lot of snipping otherwise as the Troopers legs would not stand up to much if removed completely from the tab.

My favourite models are the two Marksmen, one with his body modelled onto a scenic base, the other free-standing.

I like that they've got different hats from the rank and file troopers as well, further marking them out on the battlefield.

The Grenadier, following the lead of the trooper have bodies and arms that work in sets, and interchangeable heads. Heads surmounted by fantastic hats though.

They also following the Troopers example of using their weapons as clubs, which may not be the wises thing possible.

The Dragoon were possibly the most complicated kit of the lot, with body and rear legs/wheels separate as well as a choice of arms.

It took me a while to work out how the wheel goes on, hopefully the second picture will be a help to anyone else

Last, but not least is the Colour Sergeant Major, with a dizzying array of extra pieces, most of which, I must confess I didn't use.

Here he is against a Space Marine to give an idea of scale again.

And assembled, looking suitably commanding.

The mould lines that there were cleared up very easily, and the models seemed to take superglue well. I've not used any pins, but have filed down a number of joints to make sure there is as much contact as possible. My one compaint would be the height of the tabs on some figures, but I'm turning that into a feature, so can't whine too much. I really like the sculpts, that capture the character of the models without going overboard. I can't wait to get these on the paint station, once I work out how to paint their sacking.