From The Warp They Came - Chaos Daemons

So the Daemons are up for Advanced Order, and oh boy is it a good month for everyone but Khorne (He's got Blood Crushers, he can't complain).

The release of the rules update with White Dwarf is an interesting milestone as well, and one I'll deal with under its own review I think, so watch out for that later in the week. For now though, the models. I'm going to go through in God order, starting with the most interesting release of the month.

Seeker Chariot/Hellflayer Of Slaanesh


 As a model/concept I'm not sure I like the model. I just can't see the blades doing anything more that sticking in the ground, or never really reaching the enemy as the steeds get in the way.

That aside it is a nice model, and should provide some good conversion parts as well.

The most interesting thing about the models is that when their powers combine they create this...

The Exalted Seeker Chariot Of Slaanesh.

Using two of the same kit to make a new model the Exalted Seeker Chariot has ramifications worth examining. This is a really interesting move by GW, as it's the first time that they've ever done a kit that was speciffically designed to double up to create a new model. I can see that opurtunities for this are going to be fairly rare, but hopefully we'll see some more of it in the future, as it seems an interesting concept, and means more models to play with. That the model is ""While Stocks Last" is a bit of a lie, as the kit that needs doubling up for its construction has entered the main range.

Plaugebearers Of Nurgle.

 I've always had a soft spot for Nurgle amongst the Chaos Pantheon. Maybe it's his twisted benevolence, or maybe the fantastic conversions done in his name. Even without this bias I think I'd really like these model. I've tended to be disappointed when the metal daemons have moved into plastic (I like the Bloodletters, but the Daemonettes and Horrors were a step backwards). I've no such quarms about the Plaugeberaers. They are fantastic models that really nail the feel of the background and fluff, with the disease and rot being counterpointed by the capering Nurglings. I may have to get these to ally with my Chaos Space Marines, or to mix into a zombie regiment. I'm extremely hard pressed to pick a favourite part, but I think I'd have to go for the musician. These are the kind of models that make me want to start an army.

A fantastic addition to the range,and some really nice sculpts. I really want to see the sprues for these critters and see how easy it'd be to break them down for other uses. Combined with the Plaugeberaers above I can feel the corruption of Nurgle spreading. 

Flamers Of Tzeentch

 It's surprising that these aren't simply Finecast versions of their metal forebears, but a plastic kit. I'm glad there hasn't been a substantial change to the look of them. I can see myself getting a set for conversions.

Screamers of Tzeentch
 The eyes have it. These models are growing on me, and while I can see no use for them myself, I'm glad they're out there.

The Blue Scribes

I thought I'd include the second shot to show the effort that's clearly gone into the painting of this figure. That aside it's a disappointing piece, that doesn't look much more than a conversion of existing parts. It's a nice figure for all that, and  it'd make a good magic themed battlefield objective, possibly.

Soul Grinder - Honorary Mention.

I'm mainly including this because I really like the colour scheme of the model. If I had any cause to use one of these in Warhammer I think I'd have to add a fair bit more daemon flesh, to it, as it just seems too blocky and mechanical as it is.

I'm very impressed with the releases this month, and can't wait to see what the Chaos Space Marine Codex brings in terms of cult troops, as it'll be a way of including some of these models in a force as allies.