Games Workshop Digital - Space Marine Update

On the launch of GW's digital books there was a bit of speculation regarding how FAQ's and changes of edition would be handled. In a surprising move it appears GW are updating the Space Marine Codex for free to bring it up to date with the 6th Ed. 

This bodes well for future digital releases, as no one like having to deal with reams of printed erratas. My one reservation would be how well any changes would be marked out, so they could be spotted with a skim read.

For details of the digital releases and how to update your copy of Codex Space Marine, go here. Those of you without a digital copy (you are better people for it) follow the link in this post for up to date FAQ documents.

This update could well be an indicator that the Space Marines will not be getting a new codex for quite some time, which is good as their are still many books still in their 4th edition incarnations.