Jake Thornton And DreadBall?

Another Mantic related post, this time pulling a quote from Jake Thornton's blog.  Read the full entry here.
"Well almost everything I’ve been working on for the last few months is still under a shroud of secrecy so that’s a little tricky. However, the rumours have begun to float around the net, thanks to some blabbermouthed traders. Luckily for our plan, there was little for them to leak save a few names, and it has amused me as much as it has annoyed to see the sharks condemn the entire project already on the basis of a crumb or two of fact and a small mountain of (incorrect) supposition.
All I have to say on the topic at present is that it reminds me of an old Bob Dylan lyric:
Something is happening, but you don’t know what it is…"

I'd say that's a snipe at the DreadBall rumours floating around, off the back of these image...

Of course, that could be me being off track as well.


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