Kickstarter Round Up 31.07.2012

In order to days left here's the best miniature gaming related Kickstarter/Indiegogo projects I know of on the web.

Evil Baby Orphanage

Coming way out of left field from Wyrd miniatures, this is a card game I'm including by dint of its creators rather than because it fits in strictly. Here's the Wyrd forum post about it

Red Box Games
Red Box Games are sculpting some fantastic Chaos Knight units and characters and more besides. While a rank seems to only consist of four models, and the price brackets jump up a little oddly the models do look very

Draksull's Meance

Undead Orc & Goblins,. Need I say more?

The models are good, and the project has a nice range of pledges, with the really interesting ones starting at $50. The project has stretch goals worked in, a good number of which have already been hit. Even if you don't fancy these models go check out the Titan Forge website anyway, as they have a fair selection of other miniatures that might be of interest.

Reaper Miniatures Bones

Your mileage may vary with Reaper Miniatures (I'm not that taken personally), but there's no denying that this project is offering value for money, with all this for $100

D14 and D18
Who doesn't want more dice?

Romantically Apocalypic - Books Of Captein

  And now our mystery entry, hailing from the land of comics, go support Zee Captein. No idea what I'm talking about, go take a look at the web comic (you useless boob).