Relics - Britanan Kickstarter Force Pt1

This is going to be a photo heavy post after the jump, so I'll get the more interesting pictures up first.

Here's a group shot of everything that has arrived so far from Tor Gaming for the Britanan forces, with more on the way after concepeting, sculpting and casting.

Here's a shot to give some idea of the scale of the models. They're chunky, and are fairly tall, with much of the height being thanks to hats.

As well as models, there were also dice available as part of the pledge, along with a nice cloth bag to keep them in, with the colour and icon of the faction.

Now to move onto the nitty gritty of the release. My opinion on the models as a whole can be found at the very bottom of the page, for those who want to skip ahead.

Here' what the Troopers look like out of the bag. There are three bodies, with matching arms, and three interchangeable heads, giving nine possible combinations before repetition, which is fortuitous as there were nine Troopers in the set.

My biggest issue with these models, as you'll see in the next photo, is the size of the tab, which is considerably taller than the base. I'm gong to do a work on the base to make this work as a feature, but it'd mean a lot of snipping otherwise as the Troopers legs would not stand up to much if removed completely from the tab.

My favourite models are the two Marksmen, one with his body modelled onto a scenic base, the other free-standing.

I like that they've got different hats from the rank and file troopers as well, further marking them out on the battlefield.

The Grenadier, following the lead of the trooper have bodies and arms that work in sets, and interchangeable heads. Heads surmounted by fantastic hats though.

They also following the Troopers example of using their weapons as clubs, which may not be the wises thing possible.

The Dragoon were possibly the most complicated kit of the lot, with body and rear legs/wheels separate as well as a choice of arms.

It took me a while to work out how the wheel goes on, hopefully the second picture will be a help to anyone else

Last, but not least is the Colour Sergeant Major, with a dizzying array of extra pieces, most of which, I must confess I didn't use.

Here he is against a Space Marine to give an idea of scale again.

And assembled, looking suitably commanding.

The mould lines that there were cleared up very easily, and the models seemed to take superglue well. I've not used any pins, but have filed down a number of joints to make sure there is as much contact as possible. My one compaint would be the height of the tabs on some figures, but I'm turning that into a feature, so can't whine too much. I really like the sculpts, that capture the character of the models without going overboard. I can't wait to get these on the paint station, once I work out how to paint their sacking.