Ready For Judge Dredd?

September sees the release of the brand new Judge Dredd 3D film – are you ready to bring Judge Dredd to your tabletop?

The Judge Dredd miniatures game has a full colour rulebook that is completely free to download, and is packed with rules for judges, perps, and Mega-City One craziness! There is a complete introduction to the world of Judge Dredd included, along with full campaign rules that will allow you to bring conflicts from the streets of Mega-City One to the depths of the Cursed Earth alive in your games.
There is also a full range of miniatures already available, including box sets that each contain a complete faction, ready to fight, and specialist mercenaries that can be attached to a force or gang at any time. The list of available factions is forever growing with new models being added all the time, but thus far we have the following box sets available;
The Justice Department
Holocaust Judges
Chief Judge Caligula’s Personal Retinue
Sky Surfers
Ape Gang
Street Gang
Cursed Earth Desperadoes
Fattie Stampede
Renegade Robots
The Angel Gang

The mercenaries allow you to further expand your force, with everything from SJS Judges and Cadets to Werewolves and Blitzers.

More new miniatures are being prepped right now for release over the next few months – now is a good time to be a Judge Dredd fan!

So, are you ready for Block War in the Big Meg?

Mostly from Mongoose Publishing, via Tabletop Gaming News.

Kings Of War Kickstarter -Wave 1

Well, look what arrived today. Between this and Dark Vengeance (better be here tomorrow or I'll be miffed) I'll be drowning in miniatures.

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White Dwarf 393 Review Dark Vengenance Edition

There's no escaping the release of the box game this issue, with it getting almost solid coverage for the first 77 pages out of the 120 page issue. That's almost 65% of the whole magazine. Hard luck if you're not interested in Dark Angels, Chaos Space Marines, or 40K. Lets dive right into the grimdark. I've tweaked the scroing system slightly, so look for an overall score at the end of each section.

Just to prove the issue is over stuffed with Dark Vengeance  content, here's a count of how many separate pictures of the models there are. I make it around 48, and that's erring on being a bit generous about counting full page articles. 

Cover. There's not a lot to say except that the muzzle flash looks out of line, and the chain on the book seems to be a hasty addition to an otherwise impressive piece of art.

Inside Front Cover - Pg 1. Dark Vengeance double page splash. This includes some of the CV models in the foreground, with the Chaos force backed up by more DV miniatures painted up in Black Legion livery, while the Dark Angels are backed by a wide selection of models, including good old fashioned robed marines.

Pg 2 - Editorial. Unsurprisingly the focus is on Dark Vengeance. But an editorial needs to talk about more than just the articles in an issue. That is, after all, what the contents is for. I want something more from these. Certainly I don't want outright lies. "But that's not all of course! This is a rather hobby packed issue too." No it isn't. It's got a light dusting of hobby, nothing more.  (-2)

Pg 3 - A page wasting intro to the new releases using the same damned artwork that is on the cover (-2)

Pg 4-10 Six pages on picture of the content of the Dark Vengeance  box, followed by a page advertising the Dark Vengeance  Custom Figure Case that I've yet to work out the use for, apart GW wishing it was Battlefoam andmissing the point. It seems strange there's no mention of a none Limited Edition copy of the game.

Pg 11 Sternguard Veteran Weapons. If you're going to show off an upgrade pack then I want to see the damned upgrades on their own, not attached to Marines, and especially not two pictures of the same set of Marines from slightly different angles. (-2)

Pg 12-17 Three more pointless finecast double page spreads, for Blood Angels, Eldar, Brets, and LotR. Print a damned list, on one page, like you used to do years ago. It worked then. It'll work now. Stop wasting space. (-6)

Pg 18 The Black Library gets in on the Dark Vengeance act, pushing a book and an audio drama tied to the game.

Pg 19 A whole page tease for the next Horus Heresy release with the tag "The Khan rides to war." I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt, put pulling this again would not be cool.

Pg 20-21 A double page spread flogging the apparently incredibly difficult to sell Black Library weekender in November. Sadly I'm going to be busy.

Pg 22-27 Dark Vengeance  A note on inconsistent fonts, as so far in thes White Dwarf I've seen the name in at least three different styles. Just pick one.This article gives a description of the box contents, and some quotes from Jes Goodwin about the thoughts behind the box. It's a real shame not to have any of the concept art shown, but instead have two pages taken up by pictures of each force, that we've essentially already seen once, and that will occur again later in the issue. The article is tiresomely heavy on pictures and could have taken up half the space. (-2)

Pg 28 Claim Your Vengeance - An add for Dark Vengenace events in store.

Pg 29 Dark Angels Art. Another filler, this time with the picture we've seen grow on the spine of the magazine this year. Had it been a picture for Chaos I'd be more impressed, but it's still a waste of a page (-1)

The Price Of Vengeance – Costing Out Dark Vengeance.

I did a bit of calculation, off the cuff, and it shocked me, so I thought I’d do a proper analysis here.

We all know GW prices go up and up year on year, and that box games, such as Dark Vengeance, provide a saving on buying things individually. It's seldom made clear how much that saving is.

The Dark Angel force is fairly simple to turn into models that could be bought separately. The only slight bit of fiddling here is the addition of the Dark Angels Upgrade frame to give the otherwise generic sets a Dark Angels feel. Character as also a bit of a wrinkle, as while the Company Master can be found as a specific Dark Angels miniature, the Librarian and Chaplain can only be realised as Dark Angel special characters, or as I have done here, the generic Space Marine versions. Note that I've included the Chaplain as part of the set as the Limited Edition set is the only one you can buy at the moment.

Dark Vengeance Models Equivalent Cost
Company Master Company Master £11.00 / $19.25
Librarian Librarian £9.50 / $16.00
Chaplain Chaplain £9.50 / $16.00
Tactical Squad Tactical Squad £23.00 / $37.25
Terminator Squad Terminator Squad £28.00 / $50.00
3 Ravenwing Bikers Ravenwing Bike Squadron £25.50 /$41.25
Dark Angels Upgrade Frame £12.00 / $19.75
Total £118.50 / $199.50

The Chaos forces, contains a lot more bodging of equivalencies to translate into separate boxes. I've picked the cheapest Lord option available from the myriad of HQ choices. The Hellbrute I've counted as a Dreadnought, which seems fair enough, although it should be noted that the Chaos Dread is still a metal model. The Chosen are trickier, and I've gone with pricing them as Possessed to take into account the detail the models have. The cultists have been swapped out for guardsmen, as it seemed the most obvious substitution. Even if you disagree with some of these changes the figures should still come out about right.

Dark Vengeance Models Equivalent Cost
Chaos Lord Chaos Lord £8.20 / $15.00
6 Chosen 5 Possessed £20.50 / $33.00
Hellbrute Dreadnought £36.00 / $57.75
2x 10 Cultists 2 x 10 Cadian Shock Troopers £36.00 / $58.00
Total £100.70 / $163.75

I’m fudging for the rules and other extras. The Rulebook as a hardback and with additional material is £45 / $74.25, dice are £5 / $6.60, the cheapest Template set is £8 / $13.25, and a tape measure is £3.10 / $8.00. That works out to £61.10 / $102.10, which I’m going to fiddle down to £25 / $40 (A5 Rulebooks seem to sit at about £15 / $25 on eBay).

 Buying all of the above would allow a rough mimicking of the Dark Vengeance  box set I think, the only thing missing is the "How To Play" book, but that's neither here of there in the grand scheme of things.

Adding it all up gives…
Dark Angels
£118.50 / $199.50
Chaos Space Marines
£100.70 / $163.75
Rulebook etc. £25.00 / $40.00
£244.20 / $403.25
Dark Vengeance  Box Set
£65 / $107
£179.20 / $296.25
Rounding up that a huge £180 / $300 saved, even without using stores that give discount (although the difference in price between buying the box set and buying individual squads to make it up will still be around the same).
So apart from showing the truly horrifically high cost of entering the hobby, what do the numbers tell us. Well, if you want to start an army of either Dark Angels, or a Chaos force of Marines and Cultists then the box is the place to start. If those aren't your preferred choice then I suggest you make peace with buying the battle force set for your army, as starting an army buying a unit at a time looks to be a good way to empty the bank account. 

I'll run another post comparing the Dark Vengeance  set to the Battle Force boxes released for the two armies as and when we see them. It will be very interesting to see how the two things interlock. I hope there isn't repetition.

Colours Of Vengeance - Chaos Space Marines

A different article from the previous Dark Angels piece, this is far more about what army the Dark Vengeance force will go into than my specific plans for the models. In terms of army planning it's in effect the step previous to that article, and should hopefully serve to help me decide which Legion(s) to collect.

The Dark Angel force in Dark Vengeance only fits one army, without undertaking some serious conversions and alteration. Even a successor chapter would have a lot of work to do removing the Dark Angels symbol from the models. The Chaos force on the other hand could be used for a far wider range of forces, all falling under the CSM banner, and it's that that I want to start off by looking at.

One of the issues, of brainstorming forces at this point in time is that, if you believe the rumours, Chaos Space Marines are getting a new Codex this/next month (although it's not made the pages of White Dwarf, so it'll be hitting the shelves pretty much out of the blue if it does seem a September launch),  which will see new rules and new models for the force. It would seem that the book will encompass all the Legions, rather than the previously rumoured split into two books. In light of the allies rules it's going to be interesting to see how Daemons are handled, as part of the list, coming in through icons, or only through the allies rules. Looking to the future how Forge World's Horus Heresy series ties in will be something to watch for as well. But I digress.

I'll try and stay centred around the models from the Dark Vengeance set, but expect some deviation. Looking back during editing, expect huge deviation.

Let's start with the big four Legions. Which I'll be illustrating with their "cult troops", but first these classics from Jes Goodwin

For those of you needing an succinct idea of what is in the Dark Vengeance here's a picture made up from the pictures on the GW site. Enbiggen for the loveliness up close and huge.

As impressive as the models are, they are more weighted towards a cultist army, rather than a Chaos Space Marine force. However it's the Chaos Marines that'll be the focus of armies built from this core so it's the six Chosen that will be focused on below. Given their weaponry and heavily detailed armour they're never going to be rank and file troopers, and are likely to always stay as Chosen or Squad leaders. That's no excuse for not fitting in with the fell/look/style of a larger force though. Time to go through the list, starting with Khorne's favourite sons...

World Eaters

The Chosen models suffer from having too many bolters and not enough chain axes for the disciples of Khorne (although the Chosen with an axe has a Khornate feel). They are also overly embellished for my liking for Beserkers. The Hellbrute would be a nice fit, although probably wants the melta swapping for another combat weapon.The Lord is a bit on the static side for a worshipper of the Blood God, although I'd certainly be stealing his pelt for a conversion. The cultists are just going to end up as skulls for the skull throne at the end of any engagement, and could probably be slanted towards Khorne easily enough, although I'd be keen to use different models to represent a Blood Cult dedicated to Khorne instead, that said though the Heavy Flamer wielding cultist is screaming out to have a chainsword blade replace the flamer barrel to make a real horror movie model (especially if you add the "drum" from the zombie kit) as a face-mask.

Death Guard

As with the worshippers of Khorne it's the detail on the armour that seems too much. Devotees of Nurgle should be covered in sores, not baroque detail. The armour Mk also seems wrong for the Death Guard, lacking the slit visors and single horns that work so well with them.With a bit of work on the Lord's armour with greenstuff, and reducing him to a single horn, you could make a good Sorcerer though. The Hellbrute would need a lot of GS to give it a suitably diseased feel, as despite it's mutations the lines are still too clean for something corrupted be Nurgle.

I'm undecided about the level of conversion you'd need to put into the cultists, or if a suitably messy colour pallet would work. Zombies and Nurgle do seem to go together a little to often. But that's probably because it works so well.

Emperor's Children

The Emperor's Children possibly the best fit of all the marked Legions to the models in the set. I think minor conversions would be all that is needed to turn the models into worshippers of Slaanesh, if any were needed at all, provided you wanted the models armed as they are. The Lord isn't perhaps such a good fit, as I'd want something more elegant as the leader of a Slaaneshi force. Likewise with the Hellbrute, it just feels too monstrous for the Lord Of Pleasure.

While the Chosen may fit, the Cultists, on the other hand, lack the style I'd expect from the decadent followers of Slaanesh, and I think with all the converting will in the world they're simply starting from the wrong point to bring them into line with the image in my head.

Thousand Sons

Of all the marked Legions Thousand Sons have the most distinct look. While I can see some of the helms being useful for sorcerer conversions, the models just don't fit. The Hellbrute also seems far removed from the Thousand Sons, although with some conversion the Lord could work.The Cultists lack either the mystic or mutated feel I'd want from worshippers of Tzeentch, although some could be bought into that twisted fold with a bit of work.

Undivided Traitor Legions

My thoughts on the Undivided Legions are influenced by a number of things. The background fluff that was presented many many years ago now in Index Astartes in White Dwarf, and modified by the last Codex, plays a big part. The models and peoples interpretations and conversions also make a difference. And this also plays a part. By John Blanche, and in this case, from White Dwarf 266.

Colours Of Vengeance - Dark Angles.

Welcome to the first of two articles dealing with my plans for the models in the Dark Vengeance box set. Happily I already have models for both forces, and the current codices (and oh so many past editions) to work from, which in the style of so many of my armies are mostly assembled, but have seen very little of a paint brush.

Of the two forces in the Dark Vengeance Box Set the Dark Angels are going to be the easiest to map out a colour scheme for, as I'll be only tweaking the standard palette slightly. That's not a plan without some decision making though.

Tactical Squad

The bread and butter of a Marine force, and the unit any larger force will be taking cue from in terms of colour scheme. I'll be spreading the unit throughout other tactical squads in my army, in order to mix armour styles and model poses (and dilute the impact of the repeat sculpts (the more times I type that the more it annoys me), and probably not using the Sergeant, as I prefer a full robe on my squad leaders, and he looks like he's been in the Black Templars dress up box. A bit of greenstuff robe may sort him out though. I've never imagines the belt on power armour as an actual belt that would go around things though. Having noticed it, I find it unsettling.

As for the colour scheme I'll likely be avoiding line highlights (they lighten DA armour too much) and sticking to washes/black lining over whatever Dark Angel Green has become in the base coat range. I'll be going for black weapon cases, white chest eagles, yellow eye lenses, and sticking to tradition, blue plasma coils. The only questions remaining are what company design to use on the knee pads, whether to include the long forgotten army badges, and if I want to do weathering (I'm already leaning towards not, as mud just doesn't suit my idea of Dark Angels).

The one issue I have is that the shoulder pad detail makes putting the squad number on a bit of a fudge, as demonstrated by the Segreant. I'm not quiet sure what the solution to this is, but fairly sure taking off the detail only to replace it with the same thing as a transfer is not the ideal route. They really ought to have sculpted a raised number on as well.


There really are no decisions to make here, apart from knocking out the gold for silver on the models. The big decision will be if I want to convert older Space Marine Bikes to fit the new design in some way. This would mainly be updating the bolters, and maybe the pointed guard on the front wheel.

I've just noticed that the Sergeant is suffering from the same belt outside the robes issue as the Tac. Serg. He may be getting a bit of work to fix this. 


Ah, the unit most likely to see some conversion work, as there's a few things I'll be changing from the box set, The pose of the Sergeant, and the Assault Cannon wielder, being the first on the list. Depending on how the models go together I may also try and give them a bit more heigh. (an idea borrowed from From The Warp) Other than that I'll be going for a white rather than bone colour scheme, with tie ins to the colours of the tactical squad. I'll be avoiding green chest eagles, as they never look good. I think I'll be trying to add some more armour studs to other Terminators, as I really like the look it gives. As with the Tac. Squad I'll be splitting these models amongst other Terminator units.


Company Master - Probably my least favourite of the characters, as while I like the pose, the model is just too busy. I do like the slung bolter/plasma though. I think conversion plans will have to wait until I have the model in my hands, and can see what can be changed. Of all the possible HQ choices I also thing a company master would be the most personalised, and I've always liked the illustration that goes with the entry in the Codex. The load out seems a little to much of a match with Azrael's though, unless Dark Angels are under orders to all have matching kit. It's a shame we don't get a Watcher In The Dark.

Librarian - A very impressive model, with a spot on pose I really like the vembraces as well. . There's no work needed, strictly, although I may straighten the sword arm our a bit. Again, one to wait and see in the flesh.

Chaplain - I really like the smoke effect, and it's something I hope we'll see elsewhere (It'd be a pain to sculpt). The pose is good, and I don't think there's any alteration I'd make.

It's going to be interesting to see what the rumoured Codex and accompanying models bring to the table. 

Shipping News

Had a couple of very nice emails through over the last two days, the first, saying my Wyrd GenCon order had shipped, and the second that Dark Vengeance had also shipped.

I hope everyone with similar orders also has their stuff on the way.

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The Hobbit Trilogy

The announcement that The Hobbit is to be a trilogy of films, rather than the expected pair, must be causing some considerable work at GW, depending on how far ahead they have things mapped out, and how the split from two to three films has been handled. There are probably a few cheers about having three years of revenue pretty much pinned down though (with the films slated for December 2012, December 2013 and mid 2014 apparently). Let's hope they can market the game well.

LotR has felt very much like the "other" game system that GW produce, and has felt that way for some time. While some of this could be put down to the wind up to The Hobbit, the film is certainly not wholly to blame. It's going to be very interesting to see what this December brings for GW's LotR line.

The evolution of LotR, from the games initial release alongside The Fellowship Of The Ring film (way back in 2001), to the present day has seen a steady increase in scope and scale, as the action in the film moved from the nucleus of the fellowship and their trials, to the larger battles, and then to truly grand engagements, and the game continued to grow beyond the silver screen.

The Hobbit follows no such easy, stepped, progression (although no doubt things will have been altered from the book), the engagements mostly sit at skirmish level (the Dwarves vs other forces) until towards the end of the book (so the third film). There just don't seem to be the engagements for GW to draw on to create a balanced selection of forces, as the "good" side remains unchanged, limited to the Dwarves, Bilbo, and Gandalf.. Although we could see Wood Elves and Lake-town forces I suppose, depending on how fast the plot moves come film two. The question will be how GW handle their releases to keep people interested.

In light of the above it's going to be very interesting to see what we get in the boxed game. Dwarves, a Hobbit, Gandalf, and probably Goblins and Wargs. I suspect we'll see Trolls as a separate kit. Talking of the game, proper, I wonder if we're going to see some different rules, and how the Hobbit will fir into the existing LotR range.

Hopefully Gandalf will be seen kicking arse at Dol Guldur at some point in amongst it all (my money is on next year). The appearance of characters from the LotR trilogy is going to be something to watch out for as well. The indications are we've going to see a lot more than just "The Hobbit" bought to the cinema screen.

Of course this is all speculation at this point, and is essentially me getting excited that Middle Earth will be back on the big screens soon.

DreadBall - Designers Notes

Anyone paying attention to the DreadBall Kickstarter will have already seen this under the updates, but for those of you on the fence about the game, Jake Thornton has tackled head on the comparisons being made between Blood Bowl and DreadBall. It is certainly worth your time to read.

Here's what's in the box set, the contents of which is being added to with each stretch goal hit. 

d14 & D18 Dice - 18 Hour Warning

There's very little time left to get your pledge in for this Kickstarter. Time to fill out your dice collection?

Sunday Photo Page - Don't Fear The Reaper

I don't think today could be any other image than this for the games world. Click to enbigen...

Reaper Miniatures Bones prject now sits as the second most funded project under the Games category, and the third most funded Kickstarter project of all time. It'd be interesting to see the number of people involved and how that stacks up, but that's a question for another time, when I can put up some graphs and things.

From The Æther - GenCon 2012 Edition

I think the dust of GenCon 2012 has finally settled, and the blogs and videos are in. Here's my round up of them.

First, and most obviously go check out the GenCon Facebook page. Head along to their photo albums for a flavour of the thing.

For those who prefer moving pictures, this video from Beasts Of War is what you're after. Along with the rest of their GenCon coverage.

Next up I'd hit up The D6 Generation's Facebbok page, and find their GenCon albums for a more miniature focused slice of the event.

Go look at this Lost Hemisphere post to find out what Privateer Press (literally) had on the menu for the event, including Mountain King Mile High Pie

For those more interested in words not pictures, then Tabletop Gaming News has a fair selection of interviews etc collated in their Back Home From GenCon Post.

Tabletop Fix does a good job of filtering things on two posts of Bell Of Lost Souls (who also have other pics up), here & here, but deeper coverage can be found here.

I'll be updating this post as and when I found anything else. Expect my thoughts on thing sometime in the week.

Dark Vengeance Advance Order Live

The Limited Edition Set is now up on the UK Advanced Order page.

 And here's some of the fluff from the set page.

 After the jump are the rest of the models in the set, but here's the LE Chaplain. 

Reaper Miniatures Bones - 24 Hour Warning

Only 24 hours left to throw in for Reaper Miniature's Bones Kickstarter.

 And for $100 you get a hell of a lot of stuff, and likely more before the time runs out.

DreadBall - Kick Off

DreadBall has gone live on Kickstarter. What are you waiting for?

What the game looks like...

What you get in the box (at the $80 level)...

And a sneak peak of the Midgard Delvers and Skittersneak Stealers

Game On Folks. 

More DreadBall Pre Season Build Up

Can you tell I'm looking forward to seeing this game? This came through the emails today...

I dislike the helmets on the human team, and the lack of full sized bases, but otherwise things are looking very good indeed.

DreadBall - First Pictures

Via Beasts Of War, here are three shots of the new game from Mantic. The clock at keeps on ticking down, hitting zero at 1pm Friday.

The Spawn Of Grandfather Nurgle

I've always had a soft spot for Nurgle. Well, more of a sore. Of all the Chaos Gods he has the most personality, with his twisted version of benevolence, because everyone wants new an interesting diseases.

Amongst Nurgle's minions it's the diminutive, mischievous Nurglings that occupy the rotten holes of my heart, although the new Plague Bearers are also awesome.

This leaves me in a quandary as to how to include the little buggers in an army, in 40K or Fantasy, but that's a post for another time (after the release of the new Chaos Space Marine Codex certainly).

Anyway the point of this post was to put up pictures of the Nurglings sprue (photos taken from Bitz Barn)

I'd feared that the models would be far more clip together in nature, and that only the outer "layer" would be whole models. Instead it would appear that the Nurglings are awesome all the way through. There's certainly a few to be stolen for base decoration, if not whole piles to be broken down (which I'm glad about because that would have probably have made for a less impressive set overall in terms of look and construction difficulty).

I think am certainly going to end up with a Nurgling infestation at some point, because the models are so characterful, be it just as a set for the sake of having them, or worked into a force.

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Horus Heresy Book 1 Betryal - Forge World

This should be good.

Broadcast Signal Intrusion - Let's Build A Goddamn Tesla Musum

Dungeon Crawling - There's An App For That - Warhammer Quest

GW have announced that Warhammer Quest will be coming to iPhone and iPad in 2013. Gird your loins and sharpen your axe, we're going after treasure.

This does suggest that Quest won't be appearing as a stand alone box game (in the style of Dreadfleet or Space Huk).

Regardless, below are two screen shots and a mildly disappointing video.More information can be found on the GW blog.