Dark Vengeance Advance Order Live

The Limited Edition Set is now up on the UK Advanced Order page.

 And here's some of the fluff from the set page.

 After the jump are the rest of the models in the set, but here's the LE Chaplain. 

And now Chaos

 Sadly I'm not sure the back lives up to the front of the model.


  1. Hellbrute back and side tentacle mouth really distracts me. The rest is gold!
    Cape and cowl cultist leader is also drek! The heavy weapon cultist does give me a happy though.
    The Chosen and Chaos HQ are just incredible for a starter set!

    The Dark Angels are really boring compared to the Chaos models. The Librarian has a descent pose, but nothing really cool there. The HQ has a sword....meh. The Terminators don't jump at me either, especially after what they did with the Space Hulk set. More dramatic like that and blown minds everywhere! Chaplain is alright, the bikes are better looking and the tactical Squad is what it is.

    Chaos is the big winner so far with this set.

    1. The back of the Hellbrute looks like they ran out of sculpting time. Painted up as flesh it might look better. The rest is just amazing. The cape and cowl cultist is growing on me as a bit of old school 40k madness, but he does look out of place against the rest of the set. The Lord lookss more like a Sorcerer to my mind, but the sculpt is lovely.

      I think it's always going to be hard to make Space Marines as visually interesting as Chaos Marines, as the same level of detail/clutter looks wrong on them, breaking the shillouete. This is especially true of Tactical Marines. I'm surprised the Serg. isn't in a full robe though.

      The Terminators could have been more impressivly posed, but I think the level of detail is about right. They will fit in better with existing models than Space Hulk style Terminators would.

      The Ravenwing have done a good job of updating the Bike, and I'll be converting some of my old ones to match.

      Hopefully there is enough parts and conversion oppurtunities to get rid of the repeated models in the Terminators (which is ridiculous), Tactical Squad, Cultists, and the Chosen with bolter. It's a disappointing necessity I suppose, to keep production costs down.

      The weird thing is that because the DE are taking three very different squads they look like less of a cohessive force than the Chaos Space Marines.

  2. I think they missed an opportunity with the TacticalSquad. If they went robe heavy I think they would have looked better.

    They can make Astartes look good, like the Death Company. Those keep the marine astheic and have crap ton of detail, bits and bobbins to make them look better.

    At least there aren't feathers everywhere. I was never a fan of that on the Dark Angels. I like the tabard and robes. Maybe those will make more of an appearance when thier line gets a new codex.


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