Jötnar's Bane - Troll Hunter - Ax Faction Miniature Review.

So then, my first ever Ax Faction model has arrived, the wonderfully titled, Jötnar's Bane

Opening the package revealed this, one piece of artwork/fluff, one flyer (which unimpressed, we'll get to that), and a tiny box with the model in. 

Opening the little box I found the following parts.

As you can see from the above the Troll's head has suffered from a bit of deformation around the locating holes on the right hand portion, but this isn't too major. There's also a bit of problem with the joint by his tounge, but more on that further below. The only other issue to note at this stage is that the sprue on the raven is a pain to remove, as it is fixed to the very tip of the wing. Cue a breakage as I was cleaning it off.

The texture on the Troll's head is pretty impressive. 

The air bubble on the left foot should be a sculpted piece that fits behind the Trools ear and supports the model. Sadly it's had issues, but nothing a hobby knife can't tidy up. There are very few air bubbles to be fixed, and those that need work are only minuscule. 

The model went together fairly easily, with only a minimum of cleaning and alterations, although I've yet to do the Greenstuff work.  I really like the final pose, and the feel of the model, and can see her working as display or gaming piece, be it in a ranked unit (with a change of base), or as a character. The Trolls head could even be used separately for an object marker, or scenery, or whatever else you need a severed head for.


This pictures shows the little bit of work that needs to be done on the Troll's jaw.

Finally, a scale shot. 

At the top of the article I mentioned the flyer I was unimpressed by. On the left is a rather nice artwork and fluff (on the reverse) page for the model. The flyer on the right has unnecessary boobs. They just seem misplaced in the logo.

I'm going to do a bit of conversion work to set the model up to be used both on and off the Troll's head/a round base, and fill iin the gaps/bubbles, so expect to see her appearing on the blog again at some point. 

Overall I'm very impressed with the quality of the miniature. The detail is well cast, especially on the Troll's head, and the anatomy is captured well. The crow is a nice touch, although possibly liable to breakage. 

Of the three models Ax Faction have so far produced Jötnar's Bane is the most expensive at £12.50 (at time of writing), but she is also largest in terms of material used, and I don't think the price is too steep.