Munitorum Vehicle Markers - Review

There's not really a huge amount to say out these by way of introduction. Acting as markers for tracking vehicle damage on the battlefields of the 41st millennium the dice are designed to run with this theme.

The markers included are as follows: 4 AP3 Damage Markers, 2 AP 2 Damage Markers, 2 AP 1 Damage Markers, 2 Hull Point Markers, and 2 Vehicle Status Markers.

The rear of the packaging lists the dice included, and provides and index of what each face is supposed to stand for. The Damage Markers use the same graphics as shown in the main Rulebook, and have the correct options to represent the possibility of the results at a given AP i.e. they can be used to roll damage as well as track it.

The dice tin is a nice addition, although anyone with multiple sets is going to have trouble telling them apart without memorising which set has which Origin Planet. 

 The lid is a simple slide affair, that seems fairly robust. 

Hewre's are the sets Servo Skull styled dice holders next to a Marine for scale, as can be seen there are three sculpts, and it should be noted that these three are used across all the dice sets.

Finally onto the dice themselves, which are nicely weighted (they feel better than the Warhammer special ed dice at least) and have a nice level of detailing on the graphics.  What may not be obvious from the photo (it isn't obvious in real life either) is that the dice on the right of the group of 8 are in fact coloured dark blue.

Laid out below are,  left to right, 4 AP3 Damage Markers, 2 AP 2 Damage Markers, 2 AP 1 Damage Markers, 2 Vehicle Status Markers (for speed, smoke etc) and 2 Hull Point Markers.

Bringing all the elements together here is one of the dice upon its Servo Skull holder, next to a Marine for scale.

Finally, here are all the dice and Servo Skulls in the tin, ready to head to battle. It should be noted that the fit is a little tight, and some shaking is needed before the lid will go on. You're not going to fit anything else in without leaving something out.

I'm impresed with the quality and "extras" provided with the sets. I'm not sure how long I'll keep using the Lasgun Power Pack, but it's a nice touch. More important are the Servo Skulls, which provide a good way of being able to pick out dice being used as markers on the field of battle, and should prevent them being swept up by accident to take other rolls. The dice themselves are nice, and can be used for vehicle damage rolls, despite GWs labelling of them as markers. £10 for dice alone might be a bit steep, but the set is probably worth it for the bits you get beyond that. My only problem would be that anyone with a serious mech army is going to need more than one set.