The Price Of Vengeance – Costing Out Dark Vengeance.

I did a bit of calculation, off the cuff, and it shocked me, so I thought I’d do a proper analysis here.

We all know GW prices go up and up year on year, and that box games, such as Dark Vengeance, provide a saving on buying things individually. It's seldom made clear how much that saving is.

The Dark Angel force is fairly simple to turn into models that could be bought separately. The only slight bit of fiddling here is the addition of the Dark Angels Upgrade frame to give the otherwise generic sets a Dark Angels feel. Character as also a bit of a wrinkle, as while the Company Master can be found as a specific Dark Angels miniature, the Librarian and Chaplain can only be realised as Dark Angel special characters, or as I have done here, the generic Space Marine versions. Note that I've included the Chaplain as part of the set as the Limited Edition set is the only one you can buy at the moment.

Dark Vengeance Models Equivalent Cost
Company Master Company Master £11.00 / $19.25
Librarian Librarian £9.50 / $16.00
Chaplain Chaplain £9.50 / $16.00
Tactical Squad Tactical Squad £23.00 / $37.25
Terminator Squad Terminator Squad £28.00 / $50.00
3 Ravenwing Bikers Ravenwing Bike Squadron £25.50 /$41.25
Dark Angels Upgrade Frame £12.00 / $19.75
Total £118.50 / $199.50

The Chaos forces, contains a lot more bodging of equivalencies to translate into separate boxes. I've picked the cheapest Lord option available from the myriad of HQ choices. The Hellbrute I've counted as a Dreadnought, which seems fair enough, although it should be noted that the Chaos Dread is still a metal model. The Chosen are trickier, and I've gone with pricing them as Possessed to take into account the detail the models have. The cultists have been swapped out for guardsmen, as it seemed the most obvious substitution. Even if you disagree with some of these changes the figures should still come out about right.

Dark Vengeance Models Equivalent Cost
Chaos Lord Chaos Lord £8.20 / $15.00
6 Chosen 5 Possessed £20.50 / $33.00
Hellbrute Dreadnought £36.00 / $57.75
2x 10 Cultists 2 x 10 Cadian Shock Troopers £36.00 / $58.00
Total £100.70 / $163.75

I’m fudging for the rules and other extras. The Rulebook as a hardback and with additional material is £45 / $74.25, dice are £5 / $6.60, the cheapest Template set is £8 / $13.25, and a tape measure is £3.10 / $8.00. That works out to £61.10 / $102.10, which I’m going to fiddle down to £25 / $40 (A5 Rulebooks seem to sit at about £15 / $25 on eBay).

 Buying all of the above would allow a rough mimicking of the Dark Vengeance  box set I think, the only thing missing is the "How To Play" book, but that's neither here of there in the grand scheme of things.

Adding it all up gives…
Dark Angels
£118.50 / $199.50
Chaos Space Marines
£100.70 / $163.75
Rulebook etc. £25.00 / $40.00
£244.20 / $403.25
Dark Vengeance  Box Set
£65 / $107
£179.20 / $296.25
Rounding up that a huge £180 / $300 saved, even without using stores that give discount (although the difference in price between buying the box set and buying individual squads to make it up will still be around the same).
So apart from showing the truly horrifically high cost of entering the hobby, what do the numbers tell us. Well, if you want to start an army of either Dark Angels, or a Chaos force of Marines and Cultists then the box is the place to start. If those aren't your preferred choice then I suggest you make peace with buying the battle force set for your army, as starting an army buying a unit at a time looks to be a good way to empty the bank account. 

I'll run another post comparing the Dark Vengeance  set to the Battle Force boxes released for the two armies as and when we see them. It will be very interesting to see how the two things interlock. I hope there isn't repetition.


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