From The Æther - 01.09.2012

A fairly quick list of things once again.

Back 2 Base has a fantastic range of hobby supplies, go check them out.

On the subject of stores, Firestorm Games has just launched its sister site, Stormfire Games, dealing with the board game and CCG side of things. .

Wired, have an article about 3d Printing and the more complex end of the board games market. Certainly worth a look.

Miniature Tim talks about brush buying.

From The Warp has a piece up about converting Death Korps.

Anvil Industry have released the Widow Maker SAW. It's well worth checking out their whole range.

I've recently stumbled across Distant Battle Grounds. Go take a look, at a very nice blog.

Now for a few left of field pieces.

Who remembers Inquisitor? Anyone look for interesting conversions could do worse than check out Kaled's Retrospective on The Conclave.

(Which reminds me I must hunt down any picture of Inquisitor Tyrus used as a Daemon Prince).

Here's a rather nice idea for a turn counter from Nazroth, over on CoolMiniOrNot

And sticking with CoolMiniOrNot

A Chaos Lord from

And a Greater Daemon from RichFielder

And that's the lot for this week.