From The Æther - 22.09.2012

The last proper, link filled, one of these was way back on the 8th, so we've got some catching up to do.

As is becoming more frequent I've a pleathora of links from From The Warp.

Converting Deimos Pattern Sponsons.

Painting Deathwing Armour, in a lovely, slightly off white scheme.

 Ad painting Dark Angels, fast and well.

More on Truescale Terminators (more on this later...)

Fixing Bolter Barrel, and a companion piece about old school Stormbolters.

And here's a jumping off point for using those Dark Angel bikes from the Dark Vengeance set. Jetbikes

And lastly painting pink.

And now things elsewhere...

Models entered into the DropZone Games Painting Comp via Dark Future Games.

Via Warhammer World's Facebook page: The Ultramarine Chapter.

Via the always good Tabletop Fix, information about Thon.

And because I stumble across odd and cool thinks, the Servo Skull Collector.

From Games Workshop's own blog, there are some lovely pieces done for Armies On Parade.

Micro Art Studio have new buildings out.

From Mordian 7th, anyone interesting in building a Leviathan. Too young to remember what one of those is. Here's the Epic version.

The 14th Legion has some lovely Nurglings on there.

And most interesting of all, Slate looking into wargaming in the military. via Tabletop Gaming News.

And I think that'll do for now.