Horus Heresy - Betrayal Details

You really want to see this.

This looks like it going to be very good indeed. Even from a purely books as wonderful objects standpoint it looks like a fantastic thing.

I know this is going to end up on my shelf, although I'm not sure I'll be starting a Heresy era army from the four Legions covered.

It's going to feel like a very long wait between books I suspect.

The new models look gorgeous. I wonder if Forge World will be moving a bit of their production to plastic, or if everything sill still be resin.

It's going to be interesting to see how this effects the current 40K player base and if there's a shift towards playing regular HH games instead of 40K. I wonder if we'll see any of the models cross over into Codices or Imperial Armour in  the future. The decision to have the book work as a stand alone set of army lists without the need for any other book the rules is a very welcome move.

It'd be really nice to see some of the models packaged with Black Library Horus Heresy books in proper book stores to leverage the popularity of the books, to turn readers into gamers.

That's enough waffle from me, I'm going to watch the video again. 


  1. Once again...why did they wait so long to the Heresy? They always wanted to stay away from this, until now?
    Stooopid Forge World. They could have been prinitng their own money way before now.

    1. I suspect it was a fear of splitting the player base. How many people are going to go "Heresy era armies rock" and drop any other armies to collect or modify a Heresy force?

      It does look as though now they've taken the plunge they'll be given it their all. Fingers crossed we see the books come out on a fairly quick basis, so other Legions get their time in the sun. Saying that it has taken six years for Black Library to show anything of the White Scars in the Heresy. Things are likely to be especially weird for the Thousand Sons and Night Lords, who were falling before Horus rebelled.


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