Screwed Up Milestones

Welcome to post 366. This being a leap year this means this post marks a years worth of blog, after a fashion. When I began at the start of the year I'd hoped to be able to put up a post a day. It looks like I've exceeded that by some way. Hopefully this is all for the good.
By weird coincidence, today has also seen the blog roll over the 40,000 pageviews mark, which isn't bad for only 8 months, and visitors arriving by happenstance. I'll save the full stats for the end of the year, but so far it's looking good.

So, to the 29 of you following this blog, thanks for reading. Bigger thanks to everyone that isn't a spam bot for leaving comments. 

Coming up expect a fair bit based around the Dark Vengeance Set, from conversions to painting, and doubtless more on the two armies contained within when their respective Codices hit. They'll also be more conversions and painting generally I hope, as there are things I want finished, and book reviews and the like. They'll no doubt be more Kickstarter posts while there are still interesting projects on there, and whatever news I find interesting. There'll no doubt be more Broadcast Signal Intrusions, and maybe even some fiction.

The next planning post will be at the end of this month, which will hopefully see a few upcoming releases (it's getting to be a very long list in fact) and projects nailed down a bit better, and some sort of concerted effort to get something finished before 2012 turns into 2013.

Anyway, after 366 posts, I probably ought to shut up now, well, for today at least.


  1. Congrats on reaching such a huge number of posts in such a short time.


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