Space Marine Upgrade Kits

Hidden amognst the slew of Finecast releases this weekend were a few sets that deserve far more coverage than they've had.

GW seem to be releasing an increasing number of resin kits, that add on to existing models to upgrade them. This month it's the turn of the Space Marines, with the following kits out. 

Sternguard Veteran Weapons £8.00

 Meltaguns £6.00
 Plasma Guns £6.00
 Terminator Lightning Claws £12.00
 Power Armour Thunder Hammers £12.00

There are also three Shoulder Pad kits, for £6.00

A good release for anyone wanting a bit of conversion fodder.


  1. I was excited about he Sternguard upgrades, then I saw them. The sculpts look awful. If these are the best, since they were posted by G.W. official,then they look bad.

    A big case of the bends on these bits.

    1. I can see why they didn't use these pictures in White Dwarf. The combi weapons look a bit shoddy all round, and the lightning claws - oh dear.

  2. "By the Emperor you will taste my flacid steel claws!?!"

    The heavy flamer is all bendy too. Looks like another attempt to convert if I really want one for my Sternguard. I had sooooooo high hopes for these.


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