As Yet No Chaos Codex

I am unbelievably unimpressed by this. Today's post has been and gone and bought neither my order from Forfe World or my advance order from Games Workshop. Both companies will be getting emails dripping with dissatisfaction once my items have arrived, and this is the last time I'll be advance ordering through GW for a time, as this is the second recent incident of items arriving late, as Dark Vengeance also arrived days after it was supposed to.

While I accept that some delay may be due to Royal Mail, this argument fails when I've had other items arrive from other companies today without any delay whatsoever.

EDIT - Turns out the blame falls to UPS. Possibly. Whoever it was abandoned the parcel on the doorstep within the last hour, I assume, without knocking. It's a good job I happened to look outside or tomorrow morning I'd have found a Chaos Codex buggered by the damp.  It's a book of beauty, and once I've read through it I'll put my thoughts up here.


  1. Well that sucks. But I thought it was universally known the GW's mail order periodically goes belly up. Part of me thinks they have real problems with popular launches.

    1. It's a bit of a bastard. I had hoped GW had sorted themselves out, as the last few orders have turned up promptly, one even beating the dispatch email.


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