Chaos Space Marine Raptors / Warp Talon Review Part 1 - Jump Packs

The Raptors / Warp Talons are the only set of the new wave of Chaos Space Marines that I have at the moment, and boy are they nice models. While splitting the review into two may seem to be stretching things I think the potential for cheaper pre heresy jump packs is worth investigation on its own.

Lets start with some costings.

The new Raptor kit costs £20.50 (or $33 in the USA)

Forge World sell Assault Squads in MK II, MK IV, and MK V Armour for £33 (about $50 ish?) with suitably MKs of  jump pack.



As you can see from the above pictures there are some strong visual ties between the Raptors jump packs and those of Marines in Mk II and V armour.  Anyone after jump packs in the style of the MK IV set should look to the Sanguinary Guard.

So how practical is it to use Raptor Jump Packs on Heresy Era or Imperial Space Marines? Well, lets look at the kit.

Below are the components for the five jump packs included in the Raptor kit, with five identical body sections, and 4 different tops (in this picture the identical ones are on the far left and right).

The two pieces go together in any combination with a fairly well hidden join. From the top...

And from the back (upside down though). Note that the way the packs are attached to the sprue means cleaning them well is a pain. They've not been mauled as much as it looks like though.

And the attachment point. Hopefully seeing it from above and below gives an idea of how different it is from the usual style of Space Marine backpack. A move away from cross compatibility, but that's a topic for another post. I've just spotted the bit of sprue on the left pack. Curses.

And here you can see the pack glued to the backplate of the Raptor's power armour. It stands away a little, and lines up with the different style of attachment.

So, can they be used as Heresy era packs. Well the "chaotic" detail is fairly subtle, baring the spikes at the top of the packs, these could easily be removed though. The patterns on the plate could either be filed or cut away, but it might be quicker to use liquid Greenstuff to fill in the centre of the plates. The hosing on the pack could be left as is, or also hidden by Greenstuff.

 While not an exact match for the Forge World jump packs the Raptor set does provide some good stand ins if you have use for them. I'll leave it up to you to cost out the sets against each other as it very much depends on how you are using the Space Marines and the spare parts. It's worth noting that the weapons on the Raptor sprue are brilliantly vicious, but that's for tomorrow.