Dark Vengeance - Converting Terminators

Stepping things up from yesterdays look at changing shoulder pads, I wanted to tackle the Terminators from the Dark Vengeance set.

Of the four different models it;s only the assault cannon wielding terminator the I'm leaving unaltered. The repeated terminator isn't bad either, so I only need to modify one of them. Both the Sergeant and the chainfist Terminator need work though.

The untouched squad on the workbench.

The Sergeant breaks down awkwardly, as the sword gets in the way while working on the body.

I dislike the wings and the rosette on the Serg. and the head's at too much of an angle to line it up to a gun (although it might work well looking over a Storm Shield). The easiest solution seem to be to sqap out this section entierly. So enter the Black Reach Serg. head. If I'd got a proper Terminator set I'd be using those instead but needs must. The first step was to remove his head from the armour.

This has left a bit of GS work to be done, but there's a fair bit of that to add in the robe and other details.  A lot of dry fitting and cutting left me with two bits that fit together quite well.

Remember I said the Serg. breaks down awkwardly. The head section also takes with it part of the back armour (with the wings on it), which will need to be sculpted on. It's not shown brilliantly below, but it is noticeable.

Adding in a Terminator head I had spare from some Space Wolf Terminators ties things off, although I might swap this for a bare head to make his stand out a bit more.

 I wanted to swap out the Storm Bolter for one being fired, which revealed that the side of the Serg isn't nice and flat, like every other suit of Terminator armour. See that almost pyramid shape on the right side below? That should be flat, with another layer of flat armour plate building the arm out from the body.

After cutting that back level it was just a case of finding the right arm to use. In this case the perfect one came from the Dark Angel upgrade sprue.  Here's the (almost) finished product, bar greenstuff and maybe a different head. I'm tempted to leave the remaining section of tabard as is, rather than adding to it. We'll see.

The next model in need of attention is the lunging Terminator, as the legs are just ridiculous. See? Those and the wing detail that stops him moving his arm forward.

The model breaks up badly for conversion, as taking the legs off means losing a lot of the detail below the waist.
 None the less a single brutal cut seemed to be the easiest way to go, although the wing was removed with more finesse.
Once again it was the DA upgrade sprue that supplied me with a new piece.In this case the legs, which after much cutting of the top fitted well with the torso. I've added a shield to disguise the marks from cutting off the wing.

 I think this is a big improvement on the original pose. The only thing to add is some detail on the legs to bulk out the thin looking thighs, and provide an ending for the cords running across the body.

Finally onto the two identical Terminators.

A remarkably easy alteration I simple swapped out the head and chestplate for one from Black Reach (with a fair bit of cutting down) and snipped the locating pin off the shoulder so the arm could go at a different angle.There's a bit of greenstuffing to make everything perfect, but otherwise jobs a good 'un. I may take the skull off one of their kneecaps to add further differences.

And here's the squad at the end of the ordeal.

I think it's an improvement. While there is some greenstuff work to finish things off fully, and probably some odds and ends from the bits box to add there's no real reason why these couldn't fit the table as is.

Expect to see more of these guys in a later post.


  1. I actually really like the models in the set (wings included), but I am definitely going to use your idea to make the two identical terminators more unique. Very nice conversions.

    1. Glad to be of use, and thanks for the comment. Hope your conversion goes well. I'm holding off on finishing these until we see what the Dark Angel release will bring (and I've got enough projects with other forces to keep me busy).


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