The Fear Of The Next Release

At the end of last week there was the appearance of rumours about new Space Marine models. (See here if you haven't read them already) There was also an alleged product list for the start of 2013(and head here for that one). These are only rumours and at some point I'm going to go back over the crop of rumours and see which ones actually came true, and probably laugh at what we all believed.

All this speculation nonetheless puts the fear in me.

Fear of making an army, or a model, or a paint scheme that I could do better, or want to change in a few months time.

A case in point is the Horus Heresy releases from Forge World. As new books are released, and the story moves forward we'll see new background and models, for an expanding range of Legions. The second book, covering the Drop Site Massacre is a case in point, as who know how long the wait will be for that. 

If the current set of releases for Betrayal are going to act as a template we'll see the release of Legion specific shoulder pads and Terminators, and that's just for starters. And these will be pieces that'll I'll want to use in my Chaos force(s) as it will hopefully mean Night Lord bits. 

This leaves me in a quandary, do I create the army now, and be prepared to swap out and discard models or units, or intergrate new models into old squads, or just ignore the newer models. I could just pin the shoulder pads for now and swap them out later (this is ridiculous). I could simply play the waiting game and put another army in limbo alongside so many other half finished forces (Necrons? What Necrons? Dark Eldar? Vampire Counts? Lallalalalalalala can't hear you).

While the above is a constant background thought as a collection grows over the years the rumours of new releases and the shadow of the Heresy are casting a shadow over my plans for the Chaos Space Marines.

You know what, bugger all that for a game of soldiers. I'll be making my army, and if something comes out I might add it, I might not. There are some holes I'll leave (Terminator spring to mind, as I have issue with them anyway, but that's another post) and I'll be trying to build for background ahead of gaming concerns (because I know which pleases me more). Which means the Night Lords are coming.

Anyone got different thoughts? I suspect a few Chaos armies got put on the shelf with rumours of the new Codex, but is anyone waiting for more from Forge World before picking them up again?

(I suspect I will return to this post at some point either going, "Hey, I was right for once" or "Why didn't I listen to myself).