Warriors Of Chaos Advance Order and Citadel Paints

Let's get the most expensive item out of the way first...

Ultimate Paint Set  - £280

The big issue with type of thing is that fact I wouldn't use about a quarter of the paints.

This set includes all of the 144 Citadel paints, which normally cost £2.30. Buying them as individual pots would total £331.20, so you are making a saving of £51.20, or about 22 paints. At least the box looks useful.

And with that, onto the Warriors Of Chaos releases. First up, another bundle set...

Launch Bundle - £90
Offering no saving on buying the three sets on their ownsome this seems to be a buy for the terminally lazy.

Skullcrushers - £35.00
Blood for the Blood God. These look lovely, my only issue is that I'd need to chain the warrior to the Jugger, as I can't imagine a warrior of Khorne not simply throwing himself off into the fray. I expect to see the helmets turning up in 40K, and this unit only seeing the table in larger games where the massive amount of points that I expect need to be sunk into them can be justified.

Hellstriders - £20

 I think Gw made the right choice by using Marauders as the riders, rather than the Chaos Warriors, as the size would be all wrong. The models look quite good, although much like the Horsemen, highlight how dated the standard Marauder set is. The set has some fantastic looking options (see below) and like the Skullcrushers are going to see some bits used on Chaos Space Marines,

 Chaos Warshrine - £35
 This model feels as though it's stepped off a Moorcock book cover, and for that alone I like it. I'm not sure how it will sit within the rest of the Chaos force, as it looks so different to everything else (and indeed different to how many people thought). I think we've going to see this kit used for a lot of conversions of this kit, and see bits of it used for everything, from scenery, to a mosterous unit from the bearers.

Festus the Leechlord - £11.00
 Oh, there's nothing not to love about this model. He's fantastic. Just look at the Nurgling on his backpack. Sadly he's Finecast, so I'll be examining the blister before I buy him.

Valkia The Bloody - £15.00
 Once again, GW have nailed it, with a beautiful model. It still throws me that she's on a 25mm base. The shield looks brilliant.
Scyla Anfingrimm - £30

This really is a blast from the past. Here's are the old models

Clearly the new version is a step up. Once again the really special bit of the model isn't shown from the front. The model isn@t going to end up in my collection, but he does look good.

Greatt Weapons/Halberd Upgrade Pack - £9.00 each

 These two sets fill out the options for Chaos Warriors without needing the sprue to be redesigned. The Great Weapons pack looks far and away the better set, and even with the Halberds out I'd still be using the lances from the Chaos Knights instead.

Overall it's a really good set of releases, with the characters especially looking amazing. I'm not sure how much use the cavalry units will be in a force, but they're a characterful addition. it's definitely time to break out my Chaos Warriors.


  1. Interestingly, it seems the Skullcrushers get T5 Juggernauts... all the other fantasy ones as far as I know have been T4? Never a good idea to trust too much to the GW page stat lists, but if they cascade the change onto the rest of them, I can see some daemon players getting very happy...

    1. You appear to be right on both counts unless the WoC book has been FAQed then the Juggers in there are T4, and the White Dwarf insert has the Skullcrushers at T5, and still adds +3 to armour saves.


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