Limited Edition Hobbit Escape From Goblin Town Still Avaliable

I'm sort of surprised this is still this hasn't bumped back to the standard edition due to selling out.  Either it's not selling well, due to lack of interest or the high price tag, or GW have overestimated numbers.

Broadcast Signal Intrusion - Neil Gaiman & Your Licence Fee

Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere is being adapted, by the BBC, to air on Radio 4 and Radio 4 Extra.
Just look at the cast photo

photo (6)

The full cast list add more fantastic names to the above collection of amazing faces, including CHRISTOPHER LEE. For the full post on things, then head over to the post  Neil Gaiman's journal.
This is justification of the licence fee, and the BBC.

Of course I see Anthony Head in a very different light now after Free Agents. Sadly I can't embed this, without faff, but here he is licking windows.  Children and people of a nervous disposition are advised to look away now.

Wrath Of Kings–GenCon Rules Released

Wrath Of Kings has been on the horizon for a while now, with some nice resin “preview” models being released prior to their big launch, but with very little else happening.

That changes a little today, as they put up the rules they were using to play the game at GenCon online as a pdf. Go check them out here, and keep an eye on the Wrath Of Kings website, and Facebook page for more updates.

Games Workshop Vs Chapterhouse–Summary Judgement

From Bell Of Lost Souls. I’m just going to steal their conclusion
So where does this leave us?  Effectively the court has broadly denied numerous summary judgement requests from both parties, while issuing a handful of findings and judgements.  We see things such as GW's copyrights being broadly assigned to them, rather than being thrown out as un-copyrightable, the Chapterhouse website being removed as an object of the case, GW's arguments for Trademark dilution being dismissed, and a couple of dozen individual counts of infringment being removed from the case.

Basically the "contours" of the case have been slimmed down a bit, leaving the final *meaty decisions* of the case - comparisons of the individual companies products to each other to determine if any infringement occured in the hands of a future jury.  This isn't over by a long shot.
It’s going to rumble on for a while, but the big thing for anyone after 3rd party bits is about shoulder pads, as it potentially means other companies are going to have to deal with GW’s legal team further down the track about this.
"The shoulder pads created to fit onto GW’s physical figurines, though more proportionally accurate, are nevertheless still larger and boxier than those typically found outside of the Warhammer 40,000 fantasy world. The Court thus concludes that GW is entitled to copyright protection as to the design of its shoulder pads."

Free Mars - Kickstarter

You've got 24 hours to back this glorious comics. And, yes, if you look down the pledge options there are indeed models. Free Mars

Sunday Photo Page - Spider Man

The above is the cover to The Amazing Spider Man #582, from 2009. This is relevant, trust me.

Everyone knows what a bolt pistol looks like?

That's a fairly distinct gun isn't it? The sickle mag, and the barrel, and the shape of the cowling and exposed part, all mark it out don't they.

So, reading through a Spider Man Trade Paperback (Death and Dating, for those who want to find a copy of said book), I was shocked to see this.

 Frankly context is for the weak, and knowing what is going on will in no way help to explain why Harry Osborn has either A) Got a bolt pistol B) stuck a Toblerone on top of it or C) shoved a harpoon up the barrel.

Depending on your feelings, it gets better or worse when Spidey has it.

There is a Dakka Dakka post that flagged this up at the time, and from whence the pictures came.

Liebster Award - From The Æther Special

Earlier in the week, I was lucky enough to win a Liebster Award from the A Downward Spryle blog, so, a big thank you to them and go follow the site if you aren't already.

I'm quite bad at following, as I tend to bung a blog onto my Google reader feed, and leave things at that. However I'll be remedying this over the next few days, so expect to see my Dice icon about the place a bit more. 

As someone with an award, that means I now have five of my own to give out, to anyone with under 200 followers. 

So then here's my five, followed by a couple of honourable mentions. I'm not going to give a description, as I think you should go off and explore without preconceptions.

Honourable Mention

Spiky Rat Pack - with just over 200 followers I can't give an award, but he deserves one for the gorgeous conversions he does.

Graven Games - Once again a followers issue, as I don't know how many Graven Games have got. Once again it's the conversions that really impress me.

Right, I'm off to leave comments on the pages mentioned above. I hope you enjoy reading the blogs, and add to their follower count, and once again, thanks to Spyrle.

Hobbit Advanced Order Now Live

GW have changed their top bar...

Time to welcome in the Hobbit.

Here's what the Advance Order page currently looks like. See many more pictures after the jump

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Bundle. - £447.00

Buying everything will set you back a fair sum. It's a lot to have out, but it's going to be on a lot of Christmas lists.

The Hobbit: Escape From Goblin Town: Limited Edition - £75

Radagast the Brown - Limited Edition
At 56 models the set seems a tad highly priced at £75. We'll have to see what it comes down to post Limited Ed release. I suppose it does at least contain terrain. The goblins look suitably hideous, and I expect we'll be seeing them in many a conversion. Thorin's Company are looking very much outmatched in terms of pure numbers.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - £50

At £50 it's £5 more than the 40K rulebook, and at only 288 pages to the 40K books 452 it's look very overpriced. Considering we'll see another two of these released in 2013, and 2014 to accompany the new film/game edition it seems to be a waste of money.

The Trolls- £50

On 60mm bases these are large models, but the price seems high for models that in all will see little use. They also seem a bit short on detail, although that may be a sympton of translation from screen to model.

Goblin Warriors - £20

It's good to see this sort of kit not repeating models, but this is balanced against them not being multi part. There are some good very nice models in the set, and they don't look too flat for single piece models. I keep saying but these are going to make good ghouls, or chaos cultists, or many other things besides, and they do have a very good price point relative to other plastic kits.

Hunter Orcs - £20

These aren't impressing me as much as the goblins.I can't quite put my finger on why though.

Hunter Orcs On Fell Wargs - £20
 I'm not a fan of the Orcs, or the new look Wargs, with their sticking out ears. The kit comes with the legs already moulded onto the Wargs back, which really cuts down conversion opportunists. We also seem to be getting two of each mount.

Goblin Town - £35

I like this kit. Firstly for being practical terrain with ladders to actually move levels. Secondly, for the idea of putting together lots of kits as White Dwarf has done for some really impressive scenery. Thirdly, and most importantly, the conversion opportunities offered (lots of wooden fencing, or a crude hut, or an Orc fort etc) by the kit are good, or simply altering it's use. I think we're going to see this on more than a few Malifaux Bayou tables.

The White Council - £45

At £11.25 a model the price is a bit steep for my tastes. Of them all, only Gandalf really makes me want to buy the set. GW really need to have worked out the issue with Finecast as we'll no doubt be seeing an influx of new players and selling them expensive model with holes in isn't going to win them over.

Bolg - £15

On only a 25mm base Blog better be a tall and hulking model to justify his cost.


 Another model on a 25mm base, between Narzug and Bolg the White Council are starting to look cheap. His blurb is slighly baffling, as
"Narzug is an expert shot even from the saddle of a racing Fell Warg."
Which suggests he ought to be riding one possibly?

Fimbul The Hunter - £25

A worthy candidate for a Strigoi Vampire Lord model I think. I actually quite like him.

Goblin Captain - £10

 I'm fairly ambivalent to this model. What makes me unimpressed is the horribly worded description.
The Goblin Captain miniature is as wiry, muscular and misshapen as any other Goblin. Notable about this model is his bulging eyes, a satchel slung around the side of his waist, the tufts of hair growing by his large ears, and he is gesturing with one long outstretched arm towards the distance. Standing with his mouth agape, the Goblin Captain carries a large primitive sword. All of these details come rich in the detail of Citadel Finecast.
Just urgh.

The Hobbit Custom Figure Case - £40

Another Limited Ed release, this set is specifically desinged to hold the contents of the Escape From Goblin Town set, and the three Stone Trolls (but not, it appears, their fire). I'll be more impressed by GW figue cases when they start selling the foam separately.

The Hobbit Paint Set - £25

I think this is priced a little high, as it's going to be the first purchase of many people getting into the hobby for the first time off the back of the film. I can also see the new paint names being a paint in the arse for anyone unfamiliar with GW, unless it's all a cunning ploy to get people interested in other systems by subliminal messaging.

And that's the lot. Some interesting releases, and some iffier ones. The boxed game looks fairly good, and well done to everyone who had money down on it containing dwarves, a wizard and a hobbit. I wonder how much Radagast will go for on eBay in a months time?

It would seem, more so than I've thought with LotR figures, that these models have potential for other uses, and I expect we'll see them cropping up in different systems.

The forces of good are going to be hard pressed on the tabletop, unless January brings an influx of models for their side of things. I wonder how much GW's hands are tied by both what will happen n this film, and what they can release without giving too much of the film away at this stage. I wonder when we'll see Thorin's Company in Finecast, as it would be the most obvious release in the months following the launch. Certainly ongoing support will be something to follow closely, as there is only so much that can be done within the confines of the film/book's plot, and I think we'll see a long lull leading up to this time next year, when another big rush of releases comes out. The main thing for GW will be maintaining any increased numbers when the films are done with.

New Horus Heresy Releases

Forge World have new Horus Heresy models up to order. They've also released a gallery video

Legion Champion and Master Of Signal - £22
I'm not sure about the pose of the Champion, although if the kit allows there's a really nice opurtunity to have him sweeping that sword up and into an enemy. The Master Of Signal is a nice throwback to the Rouge Trader era.

Hobbit Stratergy Battle Game - First Pictures

Via Faeit 212 and Strange News From Under There.

*UPDATE - More pictures added, from Dice and Brush, and La Taberna De Laurana*

White Dwarf cover

That's a lot of different box sets, for an opening month. Not sure I like the box design.

The Limitied Edition looks to only contain one extra model, like Dark Vengeance.

 That looks to be a nice amount of models in the base game.
 Oh look, Dwarves, a Wizard and a Hobbit. The measuring rules look a big step up from the usual.
 The evil side of things. I wonder if any of the terrain is included. I thnk we're going to see these models filling out Vampire Count Ghoul units.
 Elrond in a bit of an odd pose.
 The Trolls lok to be imposing models, even taking into account how small a Hobbit is.
And that's your lot. The box game looks good, and the game seems to be getting a big first wave of models. It'll be interesting to see what's out, what it says about what we be in the first film, and how it moves on from the LotR game.

And those extra pictures...

The Hobbit - Teaser 2 - In The Deep Places Of The World

Things are getting marginally more interesting in the new Hobbit teaser, as we see the battlefield this months White Dwarf Battle Report will be fought over.

I'm guessing we'll be seeing the contents of the box game, and I'd make a fairly reasonable stab in the dark that we'll be seeing Goblins. Unless it's going to be just Bilbo vs Gollum at some strange riddle game.

The board looks impressive at least.

First Games Workshop Hobbit Tease

To the surprise of no one, GW will be launching "The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Stratergy Battle Game" very soon.

Here's the blog post, and this is the first tease video.

Sunday Photo Page - Painting

Getting the base coat down on some Ice Gamin and Witchlings, going for a fairly standard scheme for both.

From The Æther - Who

It must be getting near Christmas time, there's festive Who on the way.

And, as with the last series there's a web episode to watch.

I miss Amy Pond :(

Crusade Of Fire - 40K Campaign Book

It seems this is getting a very quiet release, having not been mentioned in White Dwarf, or on the GW blog, but you can now Advance Order "Crusade Of Fire" at £25. Better get in quick, as it's a while stocks last release (I'm getting tired of GW doing these). Anyway, here's the cover, with a curiously transposed Hellbrute, GW's blurb, and some interior shots...

Crusade of Fire is a campaign system for Warhammer 40,000 that enables you to join the campaign to control the Corvus Sub-sector. Whether you choose to join the Crusade of Fire itself, the foul Servants of Ruin or the bloodthirsty Prophets of War, the fate of the sub-sector lies in your hands.

This 96-page, full-colour hardcover book features exclusive artwork and a host of dynamic new rules. As well as the campaign system itself, the book contains rules that can be used in any Warhammer 40,000 game, from massive multi-player scenarios fought in low-gravity environments or in bunkers deep below the ground, to expanded rules for Flyers. It also features rules for playing games in the gladiatorial arenas of Commorragh as well as for fighting battles on the surface of a Daemon World.

Crusade of Fire also features the story of nine hobbyists as they play through the campaign, including detailed battle reports, fantastic army showcases and turn-by-turn accounts of their conquest.
  Apparently everyone has turned up for this battle...

It's fantastic to see the old Dark Apostle art in glorious technicolour...

 Lets be honest, fighting on a Daemon World is probably a bad idea.

It could be an interesting book, but at 96 pages seem a little slim. I think I'll wait till I can see a copy in store before buying.