Crusade Of Fire - 40K Campaign Book

It seems this is getting a very quiet release, having not been mentioned in White Dwarf, or on the GW blog, but you can now Advance Order "Crusade Of Fire" at £25. Better get in quick, as it's a while stocks last release (I'm getting tired of GW doing these). Anyway, here's the cover, with a curiously transposed Hellbrute, GW's blurb, and some interior shots...

Crusade of Fire is a campaign system for Warhammer 40,000 that enables you to join the campaign to control the Corvus Sub-sector. Whether you choose to join the Crusade of Fire itself, the foul Servants of Ruin or the bloodthirsty Prophets of War, the fate of the sub-sector lies in your hands.

This 96-page, full-colour hardcover book features exclusive artwork and a host of dynamic new rules. As well as the campaign system itself, the book contains rules that can be used in any Warhammer 40,000 game, from massive multi-player scenarios fought in low-gravity environments or in bunkers deep below the ground, to expanded rules for Flyers. It also features rules for playing games in the gladiatorial arenas of Commorragh as well as for fighting battles on the surface of a Daemon World.

Crusade of Fire also features the story of nine hobbyists as they play through the campaign, including detailed battle reports, fantastic army showcases and turn-by-turn accounts of their conquest.
  Apparently everyone has turned up for this battle...

It's fantastic to see the old Dark Apostle art in glorious technicolour...

 Lets be honest, fighting on a Daemon World is probably a bad idea.

It could be an interesting book, but at 96 pages seem a little slim. I think I'll wait till I can see a copy in store before buying.


  1. I think that 96 pages is fine for a campaign book, even big, but $41 for 96 pages is kind of silly.

    1. The 96 pages seems too few to have the 9 hobbyists, and the rule set get full coverage.

      The price is steep unless the rules set is very dynamic and reusable. How often do you need really deep campaign rules?


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