From The Æther - Maelstrom Games Liquidation

I had planned a return to the usual list of links this week, but the whole Maelstrom Games fiasco seems to have moved up a gear.

Their homepage now looks as follows.

My two posts (here, and here) following Maelstrom's issues have received more than the usual comments, and it would seem with this announcement that at least the situation has moved from limbo.

Frontline Gamer has a good piece on the whole mess here, with a bit more inside knowledge than I have.

There's still a lot to be resolved in this situation, and I'll try and keep up to date with the goings on as we hear them.

Best of luck to anyone still with items undelivered.


Space Wolves blog has this statement from Wayland Games. I'll update with a link to their source if I can find it.

All in the Gaming Community,
As news of our action regarding Maelstrom Games is public we would like to take a moment to explain the steps we have taken, and why.

Some time ago we became aware of discussions at various events where there was a constant chatter about the financial situation that Maelstrom Games found itself in and the significant debts it suffered from. We ignored them to begin with but it seemed that in the events scene in the UK it was being discussed openly. We noticed that tickets were being sold a year in advance for some events. We then see hundreds of thousands of pounds being pushed into a miniatures line whilst Maelstrom Games still owed significant monies to suppliers.

Suppliers we (and countless other retailers) share and rely upon for the timely distribution of product to fulfil our customer orders.

This industry is in our opinion, too small and too close for such a situation to occur, as the wider implications would mean hundreds of people - customers - you - potentially losing the money you had paid out for product and event tickets.

It was clear that Maelstrom Games Limited were in significant trouble, yet they continued to invest in other areas despite still owing very significant and growing amounts to suppliers causing a great deal of pressure on the supply chain.

In early May we decided to offer to buy Maelstrom Games, including honouring all liabilities for the business. Our email was ignored. In late May a follow up email was sent and again that was ignored.

We therefore looked to protect our customers by looking to protect the supply chain and also ourselves (as well as any of the other independent retailers who rely on this same supply chain) from the collapse of a major retailer, and managed to purchase the main debt that Maelstrom owe, in an attempt to force a resolution, rather than allow an uncontrolled collapse and all the knock on effects that would unleash on the industry.

The situation is complicated and there is quite a process to move through, but we are undertaking this action with the best of intentions for our customers, customers of Maelstrom Games and our supply chain, and will endeavor to keep all affected notified of developments as they occur. We will be issuing information Via our Facebook Page: 


  1. If you paid using a credit or debit card, you should be able to claim a charge back from your provider if you're quick. Details here:


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