Hobbit Stratergy Battle Game - First Pictures

Via Faeit 212 and Strange News From Under There.

*UPDATE - More pictures added, from Dice and Brush, and La Taberna De Laurana*

White Dwarf cover

That's a lot of different box sets, for an opening month. Not sure I like the box design.

The Limitied Edition looks to only contain one extra model, like Dark Vengeance.

 That looks to be a nice amount of models in the base game.
 Oh look, Dwarves, a Wizard and a Hobbit. The measuring rules look a big step up from the usual.
 The evil side of things. I wonder if any of the terrain is included. I thnk we're going to see these models filling out Vampire Count Ghoul units.
 Elrond in a bit of an odd pose.
 The Trolls lok to be imposing models, even taking into account how small a Hobbit is.
And that's your lot. The box game looks good, and the game seems to be getting a big first wave of models. It'll be interesting to see what's out, what it says about what we be in the first film, and how it moves on from the LotR game.

And those extra pictures...