Liebster Award - From The Æther Special

Earlier in the week, I was lucky enough to win a Liebster Award from the A Downward Spryle blog, so, a big thank you to them and go follow the site if you aren't already.

I'm quite bad at following, as I tend to bung a blog onto my Google reader feed, and leave things at that. However I'll be remedying this over the next few days, so expect to see my Dice icon about the place a bit more. 

As someone with an award, that means I now have five of my own to give out, to anyone with under 200 followers. 

So then here's my five, followed by a couple of honourable mentions. I'm not going to give a description, as I think you should go off and explore without preconceptions.

Honourable Mention

Spiky Rat Pack - with just over 200 followers I can't give an award, but he deserves one for the gorgeous conversions he does.

Graven Games - Once again a followers issue, as I don't know how many Graven Games have got. Once again it's the conversions that really impress me.

Right, I'm off to leave comments on the pages mentioned above. I hope you enjoy reading the blogs, and add to their follower count, and once again, thanks to Spyrle.