Mumblings Of Heresy

The box above was released this month, and retails for £6. It is, at present, the only way to get GW's Chaos Cultists outside of the Dark Vengeance boxed game.

Rumours that were coming out around the time of the Dark Vengeance launch, suggested we ought to be seeing a 10 man box set with all the options included.

Fingers crossed what we're seeing above is an addition to GW's line of cheap, low model count box sets, rather than the last we see of cultists. If it's not it's a poor selection of weapons, with the two to three favouring of ranged weaponry. If it is for the cheaper range then it begs the question about how well the £5/£6 box sets sell, or if this is designed to counteract cheap eBay cultists.

The question I really want to ask though is if anyone is going to be building up their cultists with this set, or if everyone is buying Dark Vengeance/spares, or waiting for a proper set of be released.


  1. Interesting. I do not think the price is bad, and I do need 10 Cultists in my army. However, I am pretty sure I can get 10 Cultists cheaper online from various sources, but I guess you can always get stuff cheaper online anyway.

    Are these Cultists different to the D.V ones?

    1. I think it's the mix of weapons that's the real issue for the box set, as being snap fit they lack the easy conversion/posing opportunities of true multi-part models.

      These are the exact same models as included with Dark Vengeance. As that set already gives you two of each standard trooper you're going to end up with multiples of the same model very fast using this kit on top of them. Online is probably the best place to get 10 cultists as someone will be selling them with the heavy and champion as well.


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