Ravage 3 - August/September

I realise this is quite belated (through having to order it through CoolMiniOrNot, when me original UK supplier failed to deliver), but I'm not going to skip it, as it's both important and useful to see how Ravage is developing. I am however going to foreshorten the review a bit. They'll be a final score, but I shan't be doing the breakdown of articles to the degree I have previously.

There a huge number of systems covered this issue, as suggested by the cover. I'm going to break things down by system as they come up, to give an idea of how much page space every gets.

Time to dive into the 66 pages of hobby then. 

The first piece is two pages for Dark Age, which gives a musing on the background and tabletop abilities of Saint Johann. The end of the issue comes back around to Dark Age, with an interview with the designers of the game.

Next up a review of Dungeon Run that mixes opinion with a good explination of the game.

Bushido is in the spotlight next, with the game being put through it's paces.

There's a change of pace with Star Fleet, a space based Star Wars game with players taking control of fleets.

In a review even more belated than mine there are four pages given over to a review of the April releases for The Empire. It gains points for talking about 8th ed chronolgy and for shots of the models through the ages (I miss the War Wagon), but it should have gone in the June/July issue to be vaugly current.

Warhammer Forge gets a look in on the GW related action, with a two page review of the Monsterous Arcanum book, and associated models. 

Empire Of The Dead gets four page of review, and with a mix of artwork and models looks intriguing.

Shadow Sea is also treated to four pages of review, and gives a very good account of itself. It's a testament to the quality of the models when it's not obvious at first glance if it's a model or artwork.

Mercs continues to get a lot of page space, with both a rules article and the opening battle of a Campaign.

Infinity also gets a nice bit of coverage, with a piece on support troops, and a background piece on Scareface and Cordelia.

Wrath Of Kings lives up to it's cover girl status and has five pages of Battle Report to offer. It's gives a good overview of the game, and emphasises how small a force is needed to play (the larger side had 7 models).

The Technique pages feel a little cobbled together, with two pieces clearly designed to run over different issues placed together. There's a real range covered, from using one or two colours to airbrush models to be slightly more table ready than bare plastic, to a really in depth piece on contrast. Bricks are covered in the baseing section, and there's also talk about brushes.

There's an interview with BenoƮt Vogt, creator of Mythic Battles, a card and token based game.

Relic Knights pedals some truly badly written background for the character of Princess Malya, which has already been seen on their Kickstater.

This issue was still plagued by, what I assume is, bad translation and subsequent editing. It does give a pleasing spread across the hobby, and it's going to be interesting to see what happens when it's done covering the various games system and builds beyond introduction pieces. This wide ranging approach means there's a bit of something for everyone, but there are also articles that people will just skip past as being irrelevant to their interests. Overall the draw is the range of systems covered, but that could as easily be accomplished by keeping an ear to gaming news sites. The issues really need to have more timely reviews to stay relevant.

I think I make this issue about  a 45.


  1. Just a quick note to say we stock this in the uk at http://www.valiantwargames.co.uk if you had issues with your original supplier.

    1. Brilliant. Thanks for letting me know. This copy came all the way from CoolMiniOrNot themselves, so someone on these shores would be considerably better.


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