Sunday Photo Page - Spider Man

The above is the cover to The Amazing Spider Man #582, from 2009. This is relevant, trust me.

Everyone knows what a bolt pistol looks like?

That's a fairly distinct gun isn't it? The sickle mag, and the barrel, and the shape of the cowling and exposed part, all mark it out don't they.

So, reading through a Spider Man Trade Paperback (Death and Dating, for those who want to find a copy of said book), I was shocked to see this.

 Frankly context is for the weak, and knowing what is going on will in no way help to explain why Harry Osborn has either A) Got a bolt pistol B) stuck a Toblerone on top of it or C) shoved a harpoon up the barrel.

Depending on your feelings, it gets better or worse when Spidey has it.

There is a Dakka Dakka post that flagged this up at the time, and from whence the pictures came.