2013 - Little Games Pt 2

Yesterday gave you my reasons, today will give you my details.

Sitting above all the aspirations below is the return of monthly goals. The start of last year provided a rather harsh lesson in learning the limits of my own abilities, and led to far too much on the To Do List simply sliding from month to month as I tried and failed thanks to taking on more than I could realistically get done. For all of that, it was useful to set out a plan, and have a concrete gauge on my progress, and so, with this in mind, I'll be using a much foreshortened version just to lay out a direction for each month, and seeing how I get on. 

But what will these monthly goals be working towards? Well that, I've set out below. The easiest thing is going to be to break things down by company, then system. Let's get started...



Of all the games vying for time and attention at the moment, it's Malifaux that sits top of the pile. I'm really going in for the background and the game world, and seem to have picked up a goodly number of crews during 2012 that really deserve some time spent on them. 

This is going to mean building custom bases, conversions big and small and pushing my painting to the limit. It's going to be hard to avoid expanding my collection ahead of my progress, but I need to reign that in. There's also gaming ephemera I want to add, with tokens, turn counters and the like, as well as expanding my terrain collection (GW's Goblin Town terrain set is crying out to be used in a Bayou setting as piers over the swamp for instance). 

Puppet Wars

I'll be buying the Unstitched set when it comes out (I'm undecided if I'd like to see it Kickstarted; potentially seeing the core box expanded vs the delay in getting it on shelves), and also any extra sets if and when they are released. I still have the original metal models to paint up, but I want to see what the basing situation is with the new game and its larger puppets before I get to that, so I can standardise everything. As with Malifaux I want to trick out the game with proper (ie not card) counters etc, if they're not included. 

Through The Breach

The Kickstarter will hopefully pick up as it nears its end, but regardless of the closing total, it's fully funded already, so the game is going to be released. My time management on this is going to be odd, as the KS puts the date on the physical product as September 2013, but the game will be developed very much out in the open, so it'll likely be stealing bits of time intermittently throughout the year.  I'm looking forward to the multi part models coming out, but as an RPG this is going to occupy a funny bit of hobby space for me, being mostly unknown territory. 

Games Workshop

40K Based Project

They'll be a big reveal for this tomorrow, for those of you not hung over. Outside of this Dark Angels may get a little on off work, as the rough painting plan I have for them should be shockingly quick to apply.Looking at the new Terminator kit I'll be picking that up for parts regardless I imagine.

Warhmmer Fantasy

In as much as I have actually a plan for Fantasy it is slowly growing the Skaven force. The reasons for this being that there's a lot I'll be using right out the box (by which I mean Clanrats), so I can just get to painting, and that breaking such a numerous force up is the only way my boredom threshold will stand it. I'll do the conversion work on other units as and when, but it's a way off, and there's a lot I'd rather be working on (as you'll see, scrolling down). 

My Vampire Counts also need attention, and when I feel my painting is up to it they'll be getting work (the Mortis Engine demands a paint job matching the model, likewise the Terrorgheist), but it is not their time. I will likely be painting Skeletons on and off through the year, and I need to decide and stick too a paint scheme for the Zombies.

The Hobbit/LotR

As things stand I've no idea if I'll expand beyond the content of the boxed game. I could be tempted to get a few of the LotR models just to have them on my shelves, but then again it's very early days for the new system, and things may change (unlikely but who knows) both as GW release the current wave of content, and looking a long way ahead next December as the second film comes out.

The Horus Heresy 

I'll be keeping up with the book releases, named characters, and the Primarches, but I shan't be diving into collecting a Heresy force. 

Mystery Box
There's always the danger of GW releasing another unexpected stand alone boxed game at some point in the year. This will more than likely end up being bought, and put aside while I wait for my painting skills to be capable of doing limited edition models justice.  

Corvus Belli


I have the models for two Infinity forces, with Yu Jing definitely being the more favoured force for the moment. I want to get these painted up, and the generally high quality of the range means I'll likely be buying new stuff intermittently through the year, but I've no plans for a big expansion, although the Ariadna do need a little filling out.

Privateer Press

Of all the gamess I have books and models for, Warmachine/Hordes is the one I need to spend time with the most. The game world and factions aren't really in my head yet, and I ought to remedy that. On a fundamental level something just doesn't quite grab me, and looking at the component pieces of the game and the setting that shouldn't be the case, as it ticks many a box.


Everblight stands as the most interesting force for me, and I need to expand beyond my solitary Dragonspawn, once it's been magnetised and painted. This growth is complicated by the existence of the Hordes Starter Box with its Circle contingent, as I'm on the fence about them. They'll be some calculations to be done about cost effectiveness that'll inform a decision sometime after (at a guess) March. Or I might just blow my money on the Archangel.


I have one or two small purchases to add to my Khador force, that'll bring it up to a reasonable size, and then I probably ought to paint it, though I feel no pressing need to expand things hugely (although I think I'll be buying a Man-O-War unit at some point). I really dislike the studio paint schemes (they're just too flat and clean for my tastes, redolent of GW painting in the early 90s) and this is one of the key reasons for the game not engaging me as it should. I'd be half tempted by a Cygnar force, all bare metal, deep blue, and battle damage, but once again it's not a priority.



The Kickstarter has fulfilled all my purchasing needs for DreadBall, so it's going to just be a question of picking a colour scheme as the models reach my painting station. It'd be good to get the currently released models painted before the second wave/season is released, but that'll happen if it happens rather than being forced. There's still the team reviews to come (so you know they're not forgotten) and a review of the game itself.

Kings Of War

The Kings of War Kickstarter furnished me with a big undead force, the rulebook, and the promise of models to come. Some will be conversion fodder, and others will be used in their own right, but it's very much an as and when project..


Project Pandora is the only Warpath related product I have, and that gives me a few models that need painting when colour schemes are settled. As things stand I can't see me going in for the full games system this year, but I'll certainly be keeping an eye on it.

GCT Studio


I now have the models for two factions from the game world, and these will definitely be making it to the painting table soon. I'll need to do some base work for them, but otherwise their just waiting for the brush. Any additions will only be happening after the current selection are finished.

Tor Gaming

Relics and Relics AL

As with Bushido I have two factions that I'm keen to get painted. As for the Relics AL Kickstarter, I am dubious of it hitting its goal, and quite what happens from there for the game in that instance. 

Mongoose Publishing

Judge Dredd

Some of my Kickstarter models have arrived, others are yet to come. When everything has arrived I'll be devoting some time to getting the denizens of Mega City One and beyond painted up as well as getting a review on here.

Rouge Trooper

January will see Mongoose launch its Rouge Trooper Kickstarter, which I'll be keeping an eye on, although I'm not sure I'll be after anything but the eponymous hero.

Dark Age

Of the many systems out there that I have not got anything for, Dark Age intrigues me the most. I don't think I need another game to play at the moment, and so I'll be leaving it alone for a bit but, that's not to say I won't be combing the model range for those I can use for other things, or picking the books up eventually. I think part of the appeal is Brom's artwork and I want to play around with painting a model in the same style before I make any decisions. 


I've got a fair number of bits and pieces that either have arrived, or that are expected, and no doubt there will be more projects that raid my wallet during the next year. I'll be fitting these in as and when appropriate, and I'm quite happy to leave the likes of Zombicide and Sedition Wars unpainted for the foreseeable future. 


There are systems I know I've left out here (Smog 1888, Dystopian Legions, Kingdom Death and Eden spring to mind immediately), and that's due to trying to limit myself (however loosely) in what I set out to do over the next year. 

There is no doubt there are also systems I'd be interested in but don't know about out there as well, and I look forward to finding them where I may in 2013.

And that, rather long, list is the lot. If nothing else my attempts to get all of it done will make some some good blog posts. It'll be interesting to come back in a years time and see if I've been any more successful in the 12 months ahead than the ones behind.


  1. WoW that is quite a 'to do' list! Awesome stuff though, can't wait to see it progress!

    1. Heh. Well, we'll see how it goes. I'm optimistic at the moment, and having it all very much out in the open is certainly motivational. Going to be a lot to do (and do right), but there's nothing like a challenge.


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