Braodcast Singal Intrusion - Mourning Fictional Characters

2013 is going to start with two(maybe three) big fictional holes torn through my, also handily fictional, heart. Both these wounds are caused by the disappearance of fictional characters from real fictional things. So consider this a fictional tombstone in a fictional graveyard, something to remember them by as we await their return from the grave.

Spoiler Sweetie.

You were warned. 

Let's start with the one the internet is going on about. Peter Parker's Spider-Man.

 A bit of a weird one this, as death has lost it's sting in the Marvel Universe. I'm mainly thinking of Cap's death during Civil War, and how he's back. Sure the Ultimate Universe can kill off Peter Parker, and replace him, but Marvel probably still want a Peter Parker running around, he's too embedded in the characters.

That said, I'm interested to see what stories the Superior Spider-Man opens up, and the view point it provides on Peter Parker and how the world looks at Spider-Man. On the other hand though it's still going to be a bit of a shift, and the first issue of Superior Spider-Man is going to be an off kilter read.

That said, Avenging Spider-Man 15.1 does give me hope for the future.

And onto our second (double?) grave marker. 

Having watched the Christmas episode of Doctor Who (which was very good (really like the new/old credits and TARDIS, amongst many other things), it really drove home that Amy Pond (and Rory) aren't there any more.

Amy Pond left our screens a while ago, but as much as that was the end, it didn't really sink in until she wasn't there. It's a deadly mix of liking the character, and liking the dynamic between her and the Doctor and her and Rory (when he's there), and (more latterly) Rory and the Doctor, and it's going to be missed.It's come to an end and we're not going to see more of it, and while the series will go on, and they'll be old episodes and books it's not going to be quiet the same.

I realise I'm being slightly off hand about Rory, and as much as he came into his own, he's also died an awful lot already, and doesn't feel missing as much as Amy does.

They'll always be that time there were two of her though.

However I am looking forward to the new series of Who, and the new dynamic between the Doctor and Oswin