Dark Age - The Kukulkani

Dark Age is releasing a new faction, somewhat based around the "Mayan Apocalypse" that won't be happening soon (if it does, this blog won't quiet have made it through its' first proper year :( ). I've yet to take the plunge into Dark Age (in part due to there being so many games I've interested in from the periphery, and picking up another system/choosing one over the others seems a bad idea) but it is getting increasingly tempting. Here's what is known so far about the new Faction. As the quote below says, the official rules are to be released in Ravage 5, so I'll no doubt be talking more about the new faction once I get a copy of the mag.

"Dark Age fans, December places a momentus mark on our game's history and future. In celebration of the Mayan-predicted apocalypse, we have created and are unveiling a brand new faction to Dark Age... the alien invasion of the murderous Kukulkani.

The Kukulkani are a force of ancient Terrans uplifted from the planet thousands of years ago by their alien gods and masters, taken on a murderous crusade across the stars that has somehow brought them to Attr. These monstrous zealots have come for blood and the very life energy of every sentient creature on the planet...which they seem perfectly suited to take!

Bearing advanced technology mixed with ancient Mesoamerican ideology, the Kukulkani are an organized army of savages streaming out from their landed spaceship far in the western hills. Where their flying serpents and fanatical warrior packs storm the countryside, headless and heartless bodies are left in their wake.

The Kukulkani have arrived and nothing will ever be the same again.

A first for Dark Age, we are releasing the official Kukulkani rules booklet as a removeable section of the December-released Ravage Magazine US #5! Everything you will need to know in order to understand the new faction's background and special rules, as well as all of the units' statistics and a new brand of ritual-based "magic", can be found within the pages of Ravage US #5...soon to be available in stores everywhere!"
There have been three previews released so far, to give a flavour of the faction.

"The Honoured Dead

Powered by advanced technology crystalline skulls that contain centuries of skill and knowledge, the Honored Dead are the reanimated bodies of valiant Kukulkani Warriors. This transformation turns an already deadly fighter into a tougher, unfeeling killing machine with iron-hard talons and a fiery gaze that melts flesh from bone...

War Priests Of Kukulka

 The spiritual and technological link between the Kukulkani and their Coatl master, the War Priests are amongst the highest ranking officers in the Crusade. Their internal modifications and augmentations make them part of the technomantic network that links the Kukulkani devices together, allowing them to funnel sacrificed bio-energy to create some very interesting and powerful battlefield ritual sorceries...

The Ah'Chuy'Kak

One of the most prestigious phases in a Kukulkani Warrior's path to enlightenment, the Ah'Chuy'Kak (pronounced aah-choy-cahk) is a massive titan of augmented flesh and advanced technology. Their bio-energy fueled cannons lay waste to enemy formations, hurling surging spheres of fusion made from the essence of sacrificed lives over great distances. When the Ah'Chuy'Kak are on the march, anything that stands in their way would be wise to tremble..."
I'm a sucker for the art, and the background sounds good, Hopefully the models will live up to it.