Dark Age - State Of The Game 2013

Dark Age have posted a new article about where they feel the game is at, and what lies ahead. It makes very interesting reading, and sheds a very positive light on the company's direction and aspirations. Here's the choicest bit, but go read the full piece here.
•A redesign of existing documents for player ease. Since we’re making some changes we want them to be a seamless as they can possibly be, so each of our documents (Errata, FAQ, Cards, etc.) will be getting some revamps to ensure each player has access to the most current and up-to-date versions of everything we have to offer. As always, everything you need to play Dark Age, aside from models and the Core Rules, will be provided free-of-charge to all our players via the website.

Furthermore, we’re announcing Seasonal Re-Evaluations of each and every component of Dark Age. What does that mean? Well our Immortals Qualifiers, aka the March to Immortality, officially begins in February, with qualifiers running all the way up to the main event (held at Gencon) in August. This is what will now be known as our Tournament Season. Our promise here at Dark Age is twice a year, once during the Pre-Season (aka just before our Tournament Season begins), and once again during the Post-Season (after the Tournament Season has ended) we’ll be once again taking a look at everything in the game, ensuring that every aspect, be it individual units, generic rules, or specific abilities, are all meeting the same quality standard we’re setting for ourselves. The bottom line is, if there should ever be a problem with an aspect of our game, we don’t want to just let it exist or try to outgrow it - we’re going to fix it and make it right.

I think Dark Age has just assured its place in the top three games I'm interested in for 2013