DreadBall Has Arrived

The Striker part of my DreadBall Kickstarter pledge came in the post today. I'm going to be away for a long weekend (don't worry, I've got posts scheduled to tide you over), and this means it'll be Monday before I can get an unboxing and initial thoughts posted.

Huge congratulation to all at Mantic for the success of the KS and a heartfelt thank you for getting the game put despite issues with suppliers etc.

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  1. Looking forward to reading your forthcoming post(s) on Dreadball. Am abroad at the moment so won't get my sticky mitts on my Striker until Jan; however my brother should be getting his Striker here any time, so a bit of festive Dreadball is on the cards.

    1. I expect they'll be a few posts on the game. A quick look through the box revealed a lot of stuff had shipped with the Striker. Enjoy your time abroad, and best of luck with festive DreadBall. Favouring any particular team or MVP? I'll be interested to see how your opinion and experience of the game fits with mine.

  2. Thanks - still no Dreadball here though :(
    Strangly looking forward to playing the FF, not normally inclined towards the short squat ones (although one of my 3 KoW KS armies is Dwarves, so maybe its a Mantic thing?). Think i'm more looking forward to season 2 teams though. As for MVPs, either Buzzcut or John Doe - just because they are different from the make up of the teams.


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