DreadBall Unboxing

I'm going to split the review over a few posts at the start of next week, both to help people find what they are looking for (like reviews of the individual teams), to stop this running on ridiculously, and to make clear what is in the standard game, and what I have thanks to the Kickstarter. I'll be back here to add links to the other pages at the top and bottom of this page.

The copy of DreadBall I'm reviewing is one ordered through Kickstarter, with numerous add ons.  The details of the standard boxed game can be found on the Mantic website, and their picture of the contents is shown below. For £49.99 you get all you need to play including two teams of 10 models aside.

Onto the review.


The box is big and impressive. It's also substantial, which is a nice change for Mantic after the rather flimsy Project Pandora box.  It's not quite square, which is a little annoying, so be warned when putting the board back and the lid on. Opening it up (and breathing in the new game smell) reveals the first layer...


That's a lot of stuff emblazoned with the cover image. In the order it came out of the box we have:

A DreadBall leaflet, promoting the game. I remember when GW used to include a much folded variant of this sort of thing in their sets.


A thank you for the Kickstarter support, which is nice, and also happens to doubles as a ticket for entering a 2013 DreadBall event.


And as always with Mantic products there is the presence of reward points (once again I find myself remembering GW Skulls).


Next out is the rulebook.


It's a nice size, and the format and appearance is refreshingly clean and clear, weighting in at 82 pages and including everything you need to know to play. I'll be talking about the books, the rules, and playing the game in a latter post, but this should at least give you the look of the thing.

Size comparison, with the next best thing to a Space Marine.




Finally, before we get onto the physical bits of the game there is the signed Litho that was part of the KS reward.


Separating all this from the models and other parts was the game board. Made out of the same sort of stuff as found in say Monopoly it feels substantial, a nice change from the usual cardboard affairs.


And with that removed the rest of the box's contents was revealed.


There are two sets of tokens the standard double sided ones on thin card set, and the acrylic Kickstarter ones.


These are the clear bases that come with the set. More on this in their own post, but note that they are not designed to fit around the bases snugly, so you're going to want to use some PVA (I've yet to decide if I like this or not).


The set comes with a sheaf of team rosters. I think a few of these will be heading into the laminating machine in the none too distant future.


Next up three colours of dice, all of the standard D6 flavour (which is a shame, because I have a fondness for games with unusual dice)


There's a sheet of transfers with team numbers on, a very useful inclusion as you'll want to have your players numbered up for identification on the pitch, and the styles match the teams.


The game cards are standard size and a nice thickness (although thanks to Wyrd I'm always going to be disappointed that they're not plastic (although that does mean no odd smell). The shot below has the cellophane still on, fence the band and the hazing.


As if I needed it, the top card has won me over to the game.


And with that, onto the models. As this is a Kickstarter set I pulled out four bags of plastic goodness.


Here's the Ref, and two balls, as they don't really fit in any of the later model reviews I'm planning. My general opinion on the models holds for these, as you'll find out what that is on Monday.


And now to tease you for Monday, here are the bits for the Humans and Marauders, and a size comparison for each.



Until Monday then.


  1. Looking forward to reading this post properly later - still no Dreadball for my brother though, time running out for some festive Dreadball :(

    1. Has the game appeared yet? Hope you're enjoying it if it has, or that it's not far off if not.


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