Free Mars & Full Borer Miniatures - Hannah Valerus

Remember the post urging everyone to get on board the Free Mars Kickstarter? Well, as of today (depending when you read this, post times etc), Free Mars Ashes 2 Ashes starts.


With scarily synchronous timing, my Hannah Valerus miniature from Full Borer arrived today.  Here she is as she appears in Free Mars. You can cheat and read more about just her in the Valerus Chronicles, but you're missing the bigger world of the comics.

And here she is as she appeared through the post.


And unpacked, from the front


and the back


and finally, assembled, with, as ever, a Space Marine for scale.


It's a lovely sculpt and a flawless casting, and I can't wait for the three models from the Free Mars Kickstarter to come through (not sure at the moment if I'm looking forward to the books or the models more).

Lastly, there's a thank you to be said to Chris, as the service has been fantastic, especially the speed of delivery. Do go check out the Full Borer site, and also the interview he has done with Mengel Miniatures.