From The Æther 04.12.2012

Necrorks. Yep, you read that right. Over on Confessions Of A 40K Addict, they've got a feature on Brad Glover's army from the Throne Of Skulls event.


The Eternal Hunt is always a good source of great conversion and painting work, and this week has been no different, with Legion Custodes and Sister Of Silence conversions, and a really nice Marine in MKI Thunder Armour.

Every so often I stumble across a gallery on Dakka Dakka that I haven't seen before. Such is the case with RazakelXIII's Word Bearers XII Warhost. Just look at the conversion work.

436967_md-Vindicator - Bifrons 2
Aaron Dembski-Bowden answers some frequently asked questions on his blog.  There's a second part as well.

Talking of ADB, he's done an interview about writing for the fan film Lord Inquisitor, part of which has been reposted over on Bell Of Lost Souls, where I found it, and the whole of which can be read at the Lord Inquisitor Facebook page.


Still on the subject of Black Library writers, there is an interview with Graham McNeill on The Shell Case

In left of field news, Faeit 212 doesn't think GW's new store in Portland is well placed.
Moving away from Games Workshop, anyone interested in the ins and outs of a games company and especially anyone interested in the Judge Dredd Miniature Game should take the time to read Mongoose Publishing's  "The State of The Mongoose 2012" post.

Anyone wanting to add shipping containers to their terrain collection should check out the how to over on Rust and the City.

And into the bigger world of the hobby at large, Miniature Tim ponders the use and value of Mega paint sets.
Two quick Kickstarter mentions to round things off, first Dice Rings (via Apocalypse 40K)

and "You Are The Hero", a book celebrating 30 years of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks.


  1. Thanks for the shout out, mate! And for pointing me in the direction of that fantastic Word Bearers force!



    1. That's alright. To be honest, I could happily populate whole posts with your work. It never fails to impress.

      The Word Bearers force has some really great conversion work in, and is all the more impressive for fitting so much on 25mm bases.


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