Full Borer Miniatures - Price Reduction

Not quite a week back I did a review of Full Borer Miniatures' Hannah Valerus miniature. Hannah is a character in the Free Mars webcomic, that you should all be reading, especially as the new run has just gone live.

As I mentioned before, Free Mars were running a Kickstarter Campaign that was successful, and included miniatures as part of the pledge rewards at certain levels.

The miniatures are to be sculpted by Chris Borer (see it all comes back together, doesn't it), who has reduced the price of models at his webstore, as of yesterday (I was lucky enough to also benefit preemptively from this, so thanks to Chris for that).
"Partially from that gratitude and partially from a successful refinement to my resin-casting situation, I’ve decreased the prices in the Full Borer Store. A few costs actually went up a bit, but labor went down - so I’m calling it a win. All prices are now ~12% lower as of this twelviest of days."
As well as the interview mentioned in the last post, you can now hear Chris talking about the hobby in his own segment on the Second Founding Podcast, as of Episode 17.