The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Escape From Goblin Town Unboxing

Down to Goblin Town we go, now it's arrived.

I'm going to break this down into several parts, as otherwise this is going to get very long indeed. I'll start with the basic what's in the box today, and then the different sections tomorrow.

First off, the box is much better than the Dark Vengeance one, as you actually get a fair idea of what you are buying, from the outset, rather than just a huge Dark Angel's symbol.


The back of the box gives a very good showing of the actual contents,


Anyway, it's what's inside that counts, isn't it. Here's what was revealed lifting the lid. Ah, the heady smell of a new game.  Also a unexpected stamp on the sprues, not the standard Games Workshop ©, but instead W.B.E.I. ©, which at a guess, is Warner Brothers Entertainment Inc, who are behind the Hobbit film.


So then here's what I lifted out...

On top of the box were the Goblin Town scenery pieces. This is two  copies of the same sprue. From what I can tell the stand alone Goblin Town scenery kit will be one of these, and one other, different sprue, which isn't much for £35. I imagine they've split the kit like this to stop eBay and the like making the standard set redundant with people just buying this one, as without the other sprue you can't easily make two levels (because that will stop people. Ha)


Next up, the two identical Goblin sprues. which, bought separately, weigh in at £20 a piece, for 18 models.

Radagast The Brown came out next, and it's a fantastically detailed model by the look of things, and will be getting its own post. The detail on the cloak is amazing.


And now, the big daddy, and his chair. The Goblin King and Throne take up a huge amount of sprue space, with the other unique Goblin pieces, the Captain, Scribe and Grinnah, fitted in around him.

Last of the sprues was Thorin's Company, on their own, small, sprue. I suspect in about 13 months time we'll see this set released as a stand alone kit, when Escape From Goblin town is superseded by the next boxed game. I imagine the same will happen with the Goblin King. Better than them going out of production I suppose.


The range rulers are a big departure from the red sticks of the past, and I'd honestly would have expected these to be part of a stand alone set, like the Warhammer Engineer set. Anyway, it's two rules that snap together to form a scissoring 24" rule. I'm actually fairly impressed with this.


And here it is together



There are also 8 dice, but I assume you all know what they look like.

At the very bottom of the box was all the rules, reference sheets, instructions, and starter book.


Here's the A5 softback rulebook. I quite like the cover design.


And that's the lot. As I said at the top I'll be splitting things into separate posts to avoid this one becoming monstrous. For the moment though, I'm fairly impressed. We'll see what the models look like assembled and how the rules and scenarios read.