It's Been A Year

So the blog is a year old today. Or, if you prefer that in internet numbers, it's 584 posts and 122,414 pageviews old.

As far as I know, I've only missed one day, in the last year, and I'm going to blame that on Blogger working to PST time rather than GMT when I first started posting, and the time difference shoving a post more than 24 hours apart through scheduling. You have had 365 days of posting, though, thanks to 2012 being a leap year, so I'm still chalking this one up as a win.

When I started out writing this blog properly (as opposed to the intermittent posts that can be found right at the very start) I'd hoped to put up a post a day, and wondered if I'd manage it. I think I can definitively say I nailed it. Doing the math I having ended up closer to two years worth of posts than just the one, so that's vastly exceeded my expectations.

Hopefully the year has seen the quality of the writing and content improve, although I fear you can track my hobby mood fairly easily through frequency and length of posts as it ebbed and flowed through the year. Certainly the readership has improved at a healthy rate (with a weird November dip, ruining the exponential-ish curve that was developing), and will hopefully continue to do so. Older posts still seem to be getting the hits, which is good considering there are 583 of them now. My top two posts remain an anomaly, both for being the posts they are, and their hit count relative to their nearest rivals.The Dark Angels post seems to be catching up very fast indeed though, especially for being ten days old (I imagine it'll go quiet come the second week of Jan though).

For the "difficult second year" I have plans for the structural side of things, with some layout tweaks (mostly consolidating posts onto pages to make navigation easier, rather than relying solely on the tag cloud), and organisation. I also have less concrete plans for the content. There are two consistent features I want to add, one coming next week and probably bi-weekly, and the other which you'll hopefully see May/June time. More intrinsic than that I want to get more tutorials on the construction and painting side of things up, so there's less talking and a bit more doing. In the last two days of 2012 I'll go on more about the direction I think my hobby is heading, which I suspect is going to turn out to be a pair of posts that'll seem horribly off base a year from now.

I hope everyone who's commented, followed, subscribed, or read a single post has enjoyed the blog. I don't mind just mouthing off into the æther, but it makes it all so much easier than a bloody minded slog purely to prove a point to myself.

Looking back on the year, I have one project that stands above the others. 2012 was the year I built a Servo Skull.


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    1. Thank you. A year seems to have gone worryingly fast.

  2. Happy blogthday! Man, 494 in one year? You're a machine!

    Look forward to reading in 2013!

    1. Thank you. Hopefully I can keep it up in 2013.


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