Judge Dredd Miniature Game - Manta Prowl Tank

At the moment there seems to be a steady trickle of news from various Kickstarter projects coming into my in box. The most exciting one yet is also the most recent. Mongoose Publishing have posted an update with pictures of the Manta Prowl Tank for their Judge Dredd Miniature Game, and in bigger news, have announced another 2000AD Kickstater project is on the way for January next year.
"Oh, one last thing - with things more or less on course, it looks like we will indeed be having another 2000AD-related Kickstarter. Just tying up the final details on this, but if you are a big fan of the comic strips, you will want to be saving your Christmas pennies for the end of January :)"
Anyway, as good as that news is, who wants to see the fruits of their current project? Here's what a  3d printed prototype looks like...

via the Block War Kickstater